Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

Program Goal

To address the topics of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis risk reduction through physical activity and nutrition sessions and programs.

High blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, cigarette smoking, heredity, obesity and physical inactivity have been linked to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death among York City residents. Over 33% of York City deaths annually are due to heart disease, accounting for 120 deaths in 2003. The age-adjusted death rate for heart disease in 2003 was 330.3/100,000, averaging 12.4 years of potential life lost per individual. Stroke accounted for 28 deaths for an age-adjusted death rate of 77.4. The average years of potential life lost per individual was 15.

A growing number of people are aware of the link between lifestyle and disease and the impact that these risk factors can have on their health status through local education efforts, the internet and other sources of information, and physician advice. But only a small percentage is willing or able to modify their behaviors.

The Cardiovascular Disease Risk Reduction Program provides educational programs and presentations to community groups, schools, community agencies and other organizations on strategies to reduce heart disease risk and improve lifestyle behaviors.

A Community Garden initative was started in 2007 to bring fresh produce to low to moderate income households in the City.

Health Educators partner with community members and agencies to promote gardening not only for its nutritional benefit, but for its social interaction, physical activity, and environmental change in our services to City residents.

Health Educators are trained in fitness programming, nutrition, and risk behavior modification strategies.

To schedule a Health Educator for a presentation, contact:
York City Bureau of Health
(717) 849-2299.

This is the updated version of the “food guide pyramid.” Please visit for more information on what foods fall into each of the specific categories listed on the plate.

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