Municipal Industrial Pretreatment Program


The City of York Municipal Industrial Pretreatment Program (MIPP) is responsible for implementing the national pretreatment program for the City of York Wastewater Treatment Plant sewer service area. The MIPP is tasked with enforcing all federal pretreatment standards and requirements in addition to any local sewer use regulations.

The MIPP accomplishes this through industrial facility inspections and industrial wastewater sampling. Inspections are performed to ensure industries conduct their manufacturing processes and operate their wastewater treatment systems in compliance with pretreatment regulations, and to prevent the discharge of unwanted substances to the sanitary sewer system and wastewater treatment plant. Wastewater sampling and testing allows the MIPP to evaluate industrial compliance with both federal and local wastewater discharge regulations. Some industrial facilities may be required to treat their wastewater before discharge to the sanitary sewer to meet federal and local wastewater regulations; hence, the term “pretreatment.” Wastewater test results are also used to recoup costs incurred by the City of York wastewater treatment plant to process the higher strength industrial waste- costs that would otherwise be borne by ratepayers. Personnel also investigate spills and discharges that may pose an environmental threat. MIPP has two full time staff.

Mission Statement

The MIPP is dedicated to providing effective and equitable enforcement of federal and local industrial wastewater regulations. MIPP will protect the environment, health of regional residents and workers, condition of the sanitary sewer system, and wastewater treatment plant processes. MIPP will accomplish this through the consistent application of regulations and policies, purposeful sampling and inspection activities, and keeping abreast of changes in regulations and industrial processes.

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