Redevelopment Authority Board


The Redevelopment Authority acquires title to blighted properties in the City, either individually by gift or purchase, or pursuant to a plan approved by the Planning Commission and the City Council designed to rehabilitate an entire area. The purpose is to demolish or renovate properties in order to restore them so that (a) they comply with building codes and are no longer a blighting influence in their neighborhoods, (b) they again become economic assets which contribute to the City’s tax base and (c) that they advance the City’s plan for the appropriate development and use of the neighborhood involved.

The work of the Authority is financed by Block Grant Funds made available to the City by the Federal Government and by grants from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Projects are designed to promote urban renewal by providing housing to low and moderate income families or by providing urban economic development.

Urban Redevelopment Law: Refer to 35 P.S. 1701-1705 et. seq. as amended by Act 137 of 2004 (HB2027/PN4051). Act 137 of 2004 regulates that in the case of a 3rd Class City, a majority of the members of the Authority shall be residents of the city and the remainder may be non-residents who own and operate a business in the city in which the authority operates.

The Mayor appoints the five members to five year terms.

Meetings: Meets 3rd Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. at 101 S. George St., York, PA in City Council Chambers.


  • Michael J. Black, Chairman – Term expires 4/28/20
  • Aaron Anderson, Vice Chair – Term expires 4/28/18
  • Andrew M. Paxton, Treasurer – Term expires 4/28/19
  • Melissa Stiles, Member (Filled unexpired term of Adriene McNeil) – Term expires 4/28/17
  • Teen Vebares, Member Term expires 4/28/2021


Shilvosky Buffaloe
Acting Director of Economic & Community Development

Nicole Davis
Deputy Director of Economic and Community Development

Donald B. Hoyt
17 E. Market St., York, PA 17401
Phone: (717) 845-3674

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