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The City of York, under the Municipal Authorities Act of 1945, incorporated this Authority on November 27, 1950. The Authority adopted Articles of Amendment on January 19, 1977, which extended the existence of the Authority for a period of 50 years. York City Council approved this Amendment on February 1, 1977. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania approved the Articles of Amendment on February 22, 1977. The Sewer Authority owns the Wastewater Treatment Plant and the interceptor (conveyance) pipes, referred to as the “System”. The operation of the System is leased to the City of York.

The Sewer Authority consists of five members who were required to reside or pay taxes in one of the municipalities served by this system. Changes in the law during 2001 require that a majority of the membership reside within the City of York. If the Authority does not meet the residency requirement, it must do so as non-residents members’ terms expire.

The System municipalities include York City, Spring Garden Township, North York Borough, West York Borough, West Manchester Township, Manchester Township, and York Township. Each member is nominated by the Mayor of York and appointed by York City Council for a defined term. Members may be re-appointed with no term limits.

From time to time the Authority borrows money from bondholders to pay for System improvements. Two times a year interest and principal are paid to these bond holders, as due.

The Sewer Authority is governed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, other Federal laws, other State laws, Act 22-2001, the Trust Indenture and the lease agreement between the City and the Authority.


The Sewer Authority meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 5:30 PM at the Wastewater Treatment Plant Conference Room, 1701 Blackbridge Rd., York, PA 17402.

A typical meeting would include a review of various fund balances (Clearing Fund, Debt Service Reserve Fund, Bond Redemption & Improvements Fund and the Construction Fund), the authorization to pay invoices, discussion concerning future and current projects, a plant report, a legislative action report and the Engineer’s report.

General Authority was established per Bill No. 72 of 1950 (click here to view). The authority was granted a 50 year extension in 1977 (click here to view).


  • Garrick J. Solovey, Chair – Term expires: 1/1/22 (Resigned effective 12/31/17)
  • Thomas I. Warman, Vice Chair – Term expires: 1/1/20
  • Roderick Artis, Treasurer – Term expires: 1/1/21
  • Philip W. Briddell, Secretary (Filled unexpired term of J.T. Hand) – Term expires: 1/1/19
  • Chaz Green, Assistant Secretary/Vice Treasurer (Filled unexpired term of Jim Gross) – Term expires: 1/1/18

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