Landlord University

This series, offered by City of York Department of Community and Economic Development and Human Relations Commission and supported by many leading industry professionals, helps current and future investors and landlords learn how to evaluate the best properties in which to invest in quality, fair, and affordable housing opportunities.  This course offers:

  • Financing for Investors
  • Avoiding Legal Pitfalls
  • Protecting Your Investment
  • Ensuring Quality Housing
  • Rehab & Construction/Fair Housing
  • Understanding Opportunity
  • Understanding Settlements
  • Finding & Investing In Your Future

Classes will be held every Thursday from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. over the course of eight (6) weeks. The series runs from November 2 – December 14.  Register today by calling 717.846.2926.  The registration fee is $99 – proceeds benefit City of York Human Relations Commission.

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