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Bureau of Health

101 S. George St. PO Box 509, York, PA 17405
Phone: (717) 849-2299

Bureau of Health Mission Statement

To promote and protect the health and well-being of York City.

Bureau of Health Vision Statement

York City is an inclusive community that values health and well-being for ALL.


The Bureau of Health began in 1985 due to the foresight and generous gift from Albert S. Weyer.  Mr. Weyer, a local tinsmith, died in 1906, bequeathing $80,000 to the City for public health services stipulating that the trust fund, in his name, was not to be touched for 100 years.  In 1984, the York County Orphans Court ruled that the City could use the proceeds of the trust (approximately $2 million at the time) to be used for public health services in the City.  Using these monies as well as city tax monies, the City applied to the Pennsylvania Department of Health to create a local municipal health department.  The City of York is one of 10 local (6 county and 4 city) Act 315 health departments in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Bureau of Health is funded by federal and state grants, city CDBG funds, the city’s General Fund, local sources, and proceeds from the Albert S. Weyer Community Health Fund (now administered by the York County Community Foundation).  Services are provided free or for a nominal charge to City residents.

The Bureau of Health has grown over the years to an annual budget of approximately $1.7 million.  The 2021 budget doubled with the addition of multiple funding awards for COVID-19 response efforts.  Twenty full time employees and two part time employees provide services out of the Administrative Office (City Hall – 101 S George St.) and at the Albert S. Weyer Health Center (435 W. Philadelphia St.).  The Bureau of Health is actively involved and leading efforts leading to increased opportunities for healthy living, including installing more bike and walk friendly amenities, improving the existing community gardens structure, and developing a more robust transportation plan.  Bureau of Health staff are also developing and enhancing services to improve birth outcomes and reduce HIV and STD infections, by expanding staff and implementing evidence-informed approaches to improve health.

In 2020, the Health Bureau responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This pandemic required staff to adjust and re-align its work to provide disease surveillance and monitoring, case investigations, data collection and reporting, and community education efficiently and effectively regarding the disease and prevention measures.

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