Environmental Health Services


The Environmental Health Services provided by the City of York protect City residents from unhealthy environmental conditions. The Bureau of Health works closely with the Bureau of Permits, Planning and Zoning and with the Department of Public Services in order to conduct mandated activities including: Vector Control, Water Pollution Control, Food Service Sanitation, Institutional Sanitation and Safety, Public Bathing Places, Solid Waste Management, and Water Supply.

Those programs not included due to jurisdictional control or land use limitation are: Organized Camps, Recreational Areas, Campground and Mobile Home Parks.

The presence of environmental health hazards poses a threat to the public health and safety of the community. Many conditions exist that require environmental monitoring:

  • Barriers in the community that contribute to adverse environmental situations include: poverty, inadequate housing, limited education, illiteracy, unemployment, and limited access to environmental control information.
  • The city has over 500 food establishments with the potential for food related illnesses.
  • Contact Information
    • Environmental Complaints
      (ex. trash buildup, old tires, infestation problems, vector control issues)
      FYI Line – (717) 845-3949
    • Health Permits and Licenses
      Bureau of Permits and Health Licensing
      (717) 849-2341
    • Refuse Collection
      Public Works Department
      (717) 849-2245

    Still Need Help? Please Call (717) 849-2299

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