Sexually Transmitted Diseases


The City of York Bureau of Health is pleased to announce the opening of the Sexual Wellness Clinic. We have partnered with the Pennsylvania Department of Health in providing a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner (CRNP) to conduct examinations and treat certain Sexually Transmitted Infections. Please call the office for more information related to testing, procedures, treatment, and appointments at (717) 849-2299.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are infections transmitted through sexual contact. Left untreated, STDs can spread readily and can result in pain, sterility, disseminated infections throughout the body and cause serious complications for newborn infants.

The goal of the STD program is to reduce the spread of STDs in the community.

Factors that complicate this situation are the existence of antibiotic-resistant STD strains, absence of symptoms for some of the stages of infection, lack of community awareness, reluctance to use condoms, expense of some tests and treatment and lack of timeliness of testing and reporting. Under-reporting of gonorrhea and chlamydia cases also makes tracking those diseases difficult.

The Bureau of Health, upon receipt of a report of an STD case, investigates the report to verify diagnosis and treatment. In certain cases, the Community Health Nurse or Disease Intervention Specialist will interview the patient to identify and notify sexual contacts and to provide education to prevent further infection.

The Bureau of Health procedures follow the CDC and the PA Department of Health quality assurance guidelines for treatment and investigation of case reports.

The Bureau of Health provides FREE diagnosis and treatment services of STDs for all city residents.

Staff are available to community groups, schools, clubs, etc. to talk about STD prevention and awareness. Contact the Albert S. Weyer Health Center for more information.

Albert S. Weyer Health Center
Phone: 717-849-2299

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