Awards & Recognition

Every year, the York City Police Department holds an awards ceremony to recognize officers and community members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to protect the citizens of York City.  Various awards are given based on the level of action.

The Medal of Valor recognizes the performance of an act which is clearly beyond the normal requirements of a position; reflects credibility on the City of York; clearly involves great personal risk; and would, if an error were made in the course of performing the act, make the individual’s survival highly questionable.








The Mayor’s Medal of Distinction is awarded to an employee who has rendered distinguished service; demonstrated an exceptional degree of good judgment, initiative, and competence in his or her field of endeavor; and has sustained this record or outstanding service over a period of years.









The Award of Merit is presented for a specific act involving personal risk or exceptional judgment. In cases involving personal risk, the risk need not be of the extreme nature required for awarding the Medal of Valor, but it must be clearly beyond the normal requirements of a position. In cases involving exceptional judgment or initiative, they must be clearly outstanding and such that, had they not been exercised, undesirable consequences would have followed.



The Wound Bar is awarded to any employee who sustains a serious wound or injury in the line of duty, provided that:

  1. The employee must have been actively engaged in the performance of his or her duties when the wound or injury was sustained, and it was of sufficient gravity to require hospitalization.
  2. The wound or injury resulted from a felonious assault, fire, explosion, or similar cause.
  3. The wound or injury did not result from the employee’s negligence or violation of procedures.

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