Requests For Proclamations-Commendations

Citizens may request Council proclamations or commendations to commemorate special events or to honor individuals. Requests will go through an internal review process, so it is necessary to submit your request in a timely manner. Your request must be received by the City Clerk at least two weeks prior to the date the document is needed to ensure timely issuance.


Proclamation – A formal public announcement.
Commendation – A formal citation given in recognition of an outstanding achievement (such as bravery or service).

PROCLAMATIONS may be issued for civic celebrations, non-profit organizations, and significant events with importance to the citizens of the City of York. Proclamations taking sides in matters of political controversy or addressing personal convictions will not be issued. Proclamations may recognize a day, week or month. The Council reserves the right to modify or deny any proclamation request. In order to have a proclamation prepared in a timely manner, a proclamation request form must be completed. The issuance of a proclamation does not constitute an endorsement by the City of York.

Proclamation Request Form

COMMENDATIONS are issued to honor individuals. If recognition is desired for someone who has made significant contributions of importance to the City of York, a commendation may be requested by completing a commendation request form. In order for the Council to issue a commendation in honor of an individual, the following information is required:

  • The date the document is needed
  • Biographical information for the individual
  • Significant contributions of the individual
  • The date and type of event being planned for the individual
  • The name, address and telephone number of the requestor
Commendation Request Form

Submitting Your Request For Proclamations and Commendations

To have a proclamation or commendation considered for issuance by the Council, complete a proclamation or commendation request form, including draft language or a sample proclamation or commendation.


Requests must be submitted to allow at least 30 days notice from the date of your event.

  • Submit Electronically:
    Dianna L. Thompson-Mitchell, City Clerk
  • Submit by Fax:
    Fax: (717-812-0557)
  • Submit by Mail:
    Office of City Council – City Clerk
    101 S. George St.
    York, PA 17401

Once signed by the Council President, the original proclamation or commendation will be returned as requested.

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