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The mission of the York City Recreation & Parks Bureau is to meet the recreation needs of York City residents by providing direction, planning and coordination of services to enhance their quality of life through year-round leisure programs and facilities that will develop and enhance the individual’s physical, emotional, mental and social well-being.


York City Recreation and Parks reserves the right to: Cancel a program for any reasonable cause. To deny registration or entry into a program when it deems necessary to assure public safety. To suspend a child from a program, with no refund, after notifying a parent of disciplinary problems. To adjust any of the program details printed in this publication or any other City publication regarding fees, locations, instructors, times, days and starting dates. Park Rules – No person or vehicle shall remain in any park between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. unless by permit or authorized by the Director. No person shall drive through or park a motor vehicle partially or totally on lawn areas of any park unless otherwise permitted. No alcoholic beverages are permitted in any park. No littering. All trash must be disposed of in the proper containers. (Codified Ordinance Article 741.02) Feeding of water foul is prohibited.

Important Information

  • Contact Information

    York City Recreation & Parks Bureau
    717-854-1587 – Main Office

    Office Location:
    101 South George Street
    York, PA 17401

    Mailing Address:
    101 South George Street
    PO Box 509
    York, PA 17405-0509

  • 2021 Summer Park Program

    2021 Summer Park Program

    AGES 6 TO 14

    Contact Information:
    Diaz Woodard, Recreation Specialist
    Phone:  717-324-6567
    Main Office:  717-854-1587


    CLICK FOR REGISTRATION FORM (Available June 1, 2021)


    ***Note:  The registration form is a printable ONLY one (1) page document.  The registration form MUST BE returned on the specified registration dates at City Hall.  Please bring a registration form with you for each child participating in the program.  Additional forms (medical, parental consent, waivers, etc.) will be given upon in-person registration and must be returned the first day of camp OR prior to camp if preferred.


    REGISTRATION BEGINS JUNE 1, 2021 (first-come, first-Served)

    • Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11 AM to 1 PM UNTIL PARKS ARE FULL
    • WHERE DO I REGISTER: York City Parks & Recreation Office, City Hall Main Lobby, 101 South George Street, York.


    • Parents/Guardians are responsible for transportation to and from park site.
    • Parents/Guardians are responsible for field trip transportation to and from the location.


    • Arles (E. King St. & Pattison St.)
    • Allen (Tremont & Wallace Sts.)
    • Bantz (Salem Ave., W. College Ave. extended)
    • Girard (Girard Ave.)
    • James E. Gross (formerly Lincoln) (Parkway Blvd & Roosevelt Ave.)
    • Memorial Park Complex (940 Vander Ave)
    • Penn Park (W. College Ave. & Lindbergh Ave., Pershing Ave. & Lafayette St.)
    • Williams Park (Smith St. & Cottage Hill Rd.)

    CAMP COST: $0.00 FREE

    Park Limit: 25 youth per park

    A registration forms MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR to the first day of camp for each child participating in the program.

    If your child requires TSS services, an appointment is required prior to registration. Please contact Diaz Woodard, Recreation Specialist to schedule an appointment.  Contact Information:  717-324-6567, 717-854-1587 (office) OR e-mail

    RETURN completed registration form BEGINNING JUNE 1, 2021, 11 AM to 1 PM, City Hall Main Lobby.

    Park locations fill quickly. Call 717-854-1587 for space availability.

    Please complete the registration form in ink (no pencil).

  • Memorial Park Batting Cages

    Memorial Park Batting Cages:  OPENING DATE TBD

  • Voni B. Grimes Gym | Yorktown Community Center

    Voni B. Grimes Gym, 125 East College Avenue
    Yorktown Community Center, 1059 Kelly Drive (Fireside)

    For more information on programming and activities at our Community Centers, please contact:

    Contact Information:
    Diaz Woodard, Recreation Specialist
    Phone:  717-324-6567
    Main Office:  717-854-1587

    Voni B. Grimes Gym NEW PROGRAMS:

    Let’s Jump “Double Dutch Crew”
    Fridays – 5:30 PM
    June 18 – July 30
    Grades 3rd – 12th

    “Build Them Up with Basketball”
    Basketball & Life Skills Program
    July 7 – August 18
    Limit 30 participants.
    Pre-Registration Suggested


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