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101 S. George St., York, PA 17401
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 509, York, PA 17405
Phone: 717-849-2246 | Fax: 717-812-0557
City Clerk: Dianna L. Thompson-Mitchell

Council Meetings Canceled Until Further Notice

Declaration of Disaster Emergency (COVID-19)

(17 MAR 2020) York, PA — At its March 17, 2020 legislative meeting, York City Council approved a Declaration of Disaster Emergency due to concerns about the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

In a statement issued by Council President Henry Nixon, he stated that,

“In essence, what this Declaration of Disaster Emergency means is that the COVID-19 presents an imminent threat of widespread illness, which requires emergency action for the protection of the people of the City of York, especially our senior citizens, and those with serious chronic medical conditions. This declaration loosens up the policies, procedures, rules and laws that would impede any developing and ongoing preventative health measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Our Emergency Management Coordinator and response team is working to organize activities in response to this ongoing threat and to act as needed without the formalities that would otherwise be required.

“As this situation changes minute by minute, the implementation of mitigation strategies such as limiting public contact is the best way to protect yourselves from contracting and passing the virus. Therefore, after tonight’s meeting, York City Council will be canceling its upcoming legislative and committee meetings until the declaration is lifted.  If an emergency arises which requires Council’s action, Council will meet in special sessions to consider said items.

“Residents are encouraged to stay at home unless absolutely necessary. Please continue to keep abreast of this developing situation and heed the advice of healthcare professionals.”

Effective March 17, 2020, the City Council/City Clerk’s Office will be closed until the declaration is lifted (projected to be lifted April 17th). Phone and email contact will be extremely limited so it it asked that you continue to check the status of the City of York by visiting us at Updates will also be provided via media outlets including social media. 

Thank you for your cooperation and please stay safe!


About the Council

The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, by the Act of July 15, 1957, P.L. 901, has granted to the City of York and other third class cities of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the right to adopt a home rule charter and a new form of government and to exercise broadly the power of local self-government. The residents of the City of York have elected to be governed under the Mayor-Council Charter Plan beginning January 1, 1962. The Optional Third Class City Charter Law of 1957 permits the broadest power of local self-government consistent with the Constitution of the United States and of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The legislative power of the City Government is vested in and exercised by Council and in accordance with the Optional Third Class Charter Law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Every Legislative act of Council is done by Ordinance or Resolution. City Council enacts all laws of City government and authorizes expenditures of City funds. The Council is comprised of five members, elected at-large, with members serving four year terms. The Council assembles on the first Monday of January following the regular municipal election to reorganize and elect a president to preside over meetings and peform other duties as prescribed by the Council.

Legislative sessions are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month, except when such Tuesday is a legal holiday observed by the City Government, summer recess, or when the general and/or primary elections fall on such Tuesday, then the regular meeting will be held on the following day or on such other day as the Council shall designate. Council may also meet on other days and times as posted. For information on Council actions, meetings, and/or ordinances, or to appear before the City Council, contact the City Clerk at (717) 849-2246.


Notable Documents

Articles of Incorporation 1962 City Charter Strategic Comprehensive Plan 2030 2008 Municipal Records Manual

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