Housing Authority


The York Housing Authority aims to provide safe, decent, affordable housing opportunities to people who are eligible, in a manner that encourages self-sufficiency.

Local Housing Authorities are given the responsibility of administering various housing programs funded by the federal government. The Housing Authority of the City of York administers the Public Housing Program and the Section 8 Rental Assistance Program in the City of York, and the County of York. The Authority also administers the Turnkey III Homeownership Program, which is a lease-to-own program with homes located in the City of York.

Under the Public Housing Program, the Authority owns and manages 1070 apartments for rent to low- to moderate-income families, including elderly individuals. The tenant pays 30% of an adjusted income for rent, which includes the cost of utilities.

Under the Section 8 Program, a rental subsidy is paid to a private landlord on behalf of the participating resident. The resident must pay at least 30% of an adjusted income toward rent and utilities, with the Authority paying the difference between the tenant’s payment and a reasonable rent.

Under all programs, supportive services are provided and apartments are inspected at least annually for compliance with federal housing standards.

In addition, the Housing Authority partners with various entities to create additional rental for-sale affordable housing options. It has done so throughout the County, via new construction and acquisition, rehabilitation and re-sale of property.

The Mayor appoints the five members, to five year terms with Council consent.


4th Tuesday of each month at 5:00 pm
Administrative Office
31 S. Broad St.
York, PA


  • Kendall Menzer, VICE CHAIR Term Expires: 4/1/29
  • Barronita Banks, TREASURERTerm Expires: 4/1/25
  • Deloris PennTerm expires: 4/1/26
  • James Crosby – Term Expires: 4/1/29
  • Latisha K. Brown – Term Expires: 4/1/27
  • Recording Secretary: Regina Mitchell, Executive Director, Housing Authority of the City of York
  • Solicitor: David Schaumann, Esq.

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