Civil Service Board

Established: Bill No. 21, Ordinance No. 19 of Session 2014
Enabling Legislation: 3rd Class City Code, Section 4401 et. seq, as amended by HB497 of 2013 (Act 22 of 2014)

The York City Civil Service Board is a three member board which provides for and oversees the examination of applicants for appointment to and promotion to any position in the police or fire departments. The board consists of three citizens who shall be appointed by Council for terms of four years or until their successors are appointed and qualified except for the initial appointment of board members as provided for in Section 4403 of the 3rd Class City Code. Any person who is a registered elector of the city may be appointed to the board. No city officer, official or employee shall be eligible for appointment to the Civil Service Board.

Alternate Board Members – Council may appoint no more than three qualified electors of the city to serve as alternate members of the civil service board. The term office of the alternate members shall be four years. Alternates shall hold no other office in the city. Any alternate may participate in any proceeding or discussion of the board but shall not be entitled to vote as a member of the board unless designated as a voting alternate member.

Contact: The City of York’s Office of Human Resources – (717) 849-2244


  1. Greg Halpin: Term expires the first Monday of January 2027
  2. Lisa Welty: Term expires the first Monday of January 2025 (Filled unexpired term of Joe Stein)
  3. VACANT: Term expires first Monday of January 2026


  1. VACANCY: Term expires the first Monday of January 2023
  2. VACANCY: Term expires the first Monday of January 2025 (To fill unexpired term of Lisa Welty who was moved to a regular member)
  3. VACANCY: Term expires the first Monday of January 2026
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