Poet Laureate

Christine Lincoln

YorkArts and Mayor Bracey are pleased to announce Christine Lincoln as York’s next Poet Laureate. “The City of York is excited to have a new Poet Laureate to carry on the work of our previous Laureates: Gerry Meisenhelder, Bill Diskin, Carol Williams and Carla Christopher. Christine will be an outstanding advocate for education and the written word within our community”, said Mayor Bracey.

Lincoln is the author of the novel Sap Rising. She was featured in O: The Oprah Magazine, “Phenomenal Woman” October 2000. She has appeared on television and radio and participated in the Annual International Writer’s Festival, in Durban, South Africa in 2001. Her literary style has been described by critics as revealing her deep conviction that the writing process can redeem the poverty, ignorance and cruelty in her characters’ lives.

The Poet’s Laureate mission is to focus on four objectives:  encouraging students to express their literary creativity; promoting and showcasing the original work of York’s citizens; helping to create a community environment that encourages and appreciates literary talent and expression; and creating works of the written word that commemorate special events in the life of the City.

Poetry Is Alive In York

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