City Controller

H. Michael Buckingham, City ControllerH. Michael Buckingham, City Controller

101 S. George St.
PO Box 509
York, PA 17405

Phone: 717-849-2257

The office of the Controller is an autonomous office of City Government headed by the City Controller, an independently elected official. This office is responsible for the review and approval of all expenditures and obligations of the City.

Duties and Responsibilities of the City Controller’s Office

The City Controller performs the following functions:

  • Performs the internal audit function which requires that all purchase orders, warrants, contracts, and agreements be reviewed for compliances with the Third Class City Code, other state laws, and City of York administrative policies;
  • Assist in all audits conducted by an independent auditors;
  • Issue any subpoenas in order to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the office of the City Controller;
  • Protect the City of York tax dollars from waste, fraud and abuse.

Contracts Signed by the Mayor & Controller

“Please contact the Solicitor’s office to file a Right-to-Know request.”

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