An agenda is a written plan of the order and content of a meeting, a pre-arranged outline for the conduct of business in the most efficient manner. Without the discipline of an agenda, meetings of the governing bodies tend to become long, disorderly and fruitless. An agenda is the first step toward orderly, productive meetings, no matter how large or small the municipality.

The Council Agenda includes the Resolutions and Bills to be considered for action by the governing body, as well as brief committee reports, announcements of proclamations and/or presentations, and requests for future meetings. The agenda is subject to change before and during the meeting for consideration of such other business Council may desire to act upon including items of business deferred from previous Council meetings.

Agendas are posted on the Friday before the next regularly scheduled Council meeting, except when such Friday is a legal holiday observed by the City Government, then the agenda will be posted on Thursday. Once posted, complete copies of the agenda are made available for public inspection during normal working hours at City Hall, located at 101 South George St., York, PA, or the Office of City Clerk, located at 101 South George St., York, PA.

Please contact the City Clerk at (717) 849-2246 or email: if you have questions about council’s agenda or to sign-up to appear before the Council.

Disclaimer: Pursuant to the Sunshine Act, the City of York will only record citizens’ names and the subject of testimony provided during pubic comment period. Should you request information or desire a response to your testimony, you must provide the City Clerk or Council President with your contact information. Information you provide will be used by City of York agents to process your request. Your name, address and request for information may be entered into the City of York complaint tracking system.

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