Vacant Property Review Committee



The Vacant Property Review Committee and the Planning Commission, upon making a determination that any property is blighted within the terms of Article 1728 and the enabling legislation, must certify such blighted property to the Redevelopment Authority in accordance with the provisions of law. The Redevelopment Authority shall then have the powers under law to acquire such blighted property and to hold, clear, manage and/or dispose of such property for residential and related use.

Term of Service

The Committee shall be made up of five members as follows: one member being the Director of Community Development; one member being from the City Redevelopment Authority; one member being from the Planning Commission; one member being from Council; and one member being from the public at large, to be designated by the Mayor. The term of service of the first five members of the Vacant Property Review Committee shall be five years. Any member of the Committee who moves his residence from the City shall create a vacancy on the Committee. An appointment to fill a vacancy shall be only for the unexpired portion of the term so vacated. An appointed official’s term on the Committee shall never exceed his term in the appointed office.


The Vacant Property Review Committee shall meet at least four times a year at regularly scheduled intervals. Notice of Committee meetings shall be publicly advertised. Three members shall constitute a quorum.

Article 1728 (Vacant Property Review Committee Ordinance) Article 1729 (Vacant Property Registration Ordinance) Vacant Property Registration Form Vacant Property Registration Fees
  • Members
    • Joyce Santiago (Redevelopment Authority Appointment) – Term Expires January 1, 2027
    • Corey A. Wolfe (Planning Commission Appointment) – Term Expires January 1, 2026
    • Ricardo Quintero (Citizen – Mayor Appointment) – Term Expires August 25, 2027
    • Sandie Walker, Council President (Council Appointment) – Term Expires: First Monday of January 2024
    • Director of Economic & Community Development – City Staff
  • Contact Information
    • Committee Contact
      Community Development
      Phone: (717) 849-2264
    • Register a Vacant Property
      Fire Administration
      Phone: (717) 854-3921

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