Albert S. Weyer Community Health Fund Advisory Committee

Albert S. Weyer was a prominent, York City businessman, who passed away April 6, 1906, leaving his estate in trust, first for his siblings and then for the benefit of the poor of the City of York. The Will of Albert S. Weyer directed that the trust terminate in the year 2006 with the fund to be distributed to the City of York for the purpose of building a hospital for the poor of the City of York, or that the income of the trust be distributed to the existing hospitals serving the poor of the City.

In 1984, the City of York, with the agreement and support of York Hospital and Memorial Hospital, petitioned the Court to allow the use of trust income to fund certain services provided by the York City Bureau of Health. The Court did approve such use, which has continued up to the present, allowing the Health Bureau to provide many services that would otherwise not be available. The Court directed the City of York, York Hospital, and Memorial Hospital to prepare a plan for final disposition of the trust so that the Court could determine whether a Hospital could or should be built and how the funds should be distributed.

Through the ongoing cooperation of the York Hospital, Memorial Hospital and the York County Community Foundation, a plan has been approved by the Court which will allow the Weyer Trust Fund to be permanently managed by the York County Community Foundation and permanently provide the Bureau of Health with funds to continue to provide health and wellness services to low income residents.

Resolution No. 99, passed by York City Council on May 5, 2004 named this fund the “Albert S. Weyer Community Health Fund”. That Resolution also renamed the York City Bureau of Health Annex to the “Albert S. Weyer Health Bureau Annex” in honor of Albert S. Weyer.

The Albert S. Weyer Community Health Fund Advisory Committee, which was organized to manage and recommend distribution of these funds, is made up of the following: Four (4) members appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of Council; One (1) member appointed by WellSpan Health; One (1) member appointed by Memorial Hospital; Two (2) members appointed by the York County Community Foundation; and One (1) member appointed by the Mayor, WellSpan Health, Memorial Hospital and the York County Community Foundation.

Contact / Meetings:
York County Community Foundation (YCCF)
Phone: (717) 848-3733
Fax: (717) 854-7231

City of York Members

  1. Carmen Bones – Term Expired 9/30/13 (Appt. by the Mayor)
  2. Michael O’Rourke – Term Expires: 9/30/14 (Appt. by the Mayor)
  3. Edquina Washington – Term Expires: 9/30/15 (Appt. by the Mayor)
  4. Jacqueline Anita Martino – Term Expired: 9/30/13 (Appt. by the Mayor)

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