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Revolutionary Place To Do Business

Based on its demographics, geography, business outlook, tax incentives, extraordinary value, and quality of life, York City, the birthplace of the nation’s first working Constitution, the Articles of Confederation, is a great place to do business. Revyork.com provides the information you need to grow, own, and thrive in our Victorian village with a Revolutionary soul. Check out the projects taking root in our neighborhoods and industrial park, and check back often as we add and update content. We heartily invite you to join our Revolution that is the rebirth of our York.

Renaissance City On The Rise

York City is undergoing a fledgling renaissance and the time is ripe for your investment in our historic county seat, home of the cultural and recreational resources of a large city and the sense of community, charm, and affordability of a small town. With a gradually growing population of over 40,000 people within 5.2 square miles, York is proud to be the county seat of one of the fastest growing counties in Pennsylvania. Recently eclipsing 400,000 people, York County is poised to grow to 500,000 people in the decade ahead.

Crossroads of the East Coast

Located in the heart of south central Pennsylvania and just north of the Mason-Dixon Line, York is a geographic, historic, and cultural crossroads of the east coast. Forty percent of North America’s population is within a four-hour drive. Interstate 83 offers easy access to Harrisburg International Airport, Route 30 (America’s first highway), Interstate 95, and Interstate 76 (Pennsylvania Turnpike). York is nestled between Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. (two-hour drives), Baltimore, the second largest east coast port (45-minute drive), Harrisburg, the state capital, (30-minute drive), and Delaware and Maryland shore points (three hours)

Bedrock Of The Keystone State

Six of the ten major U.S. market areas lie within a 500-mile radius of York. One of the fastest growing counties in Pennsylvania and the fastest growing county attracting 20-35 year-olds in the state, York features a rich array of medical and educational, manufacturing, agricultural, construction, professional, and tourism services and jobs. From the American Revolution to the Civil War, America’s second Revolution, and through the industrial and high-tech revolutions, York remains a bedrock of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, currently the 16th largest economy in the world.

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