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A simple walk through downtown York is an incredible journey. In a few blocks, you’ll encounter three centuries of American history and learn the stories of immigrant pioneers, Revolutionary War soldiers, 19th-century farmers, and modern-day craftspeople. You’ll get to know the fascinating lives of military heroes, business tycoons and factory workers. You’ll admire a beautifully preserved downtown and meet friendly Yorkers along the way.

Visiting historic downtown York with its easy access, abundant parking, broad sidewalks, and helpful signs is a snap. But that’s York, a place where a simple and convenient visit turns out to be an unforgettable experience.

City of York Attractions

Penn Market
380 W. Market St.
(717) 848-1402
Opened in 1866, York’s oldest, operating market.

Central Market York
34 W. Market St.
(717) 848-2243

Fire Museum of York County
757 W. Market St.
(717) 848-1587
Two centuries of firefighting equipment on display.

Golden Plough Tavern; General Horatio Gates House; Barnett Bobb Log Home
157 W. Market St.
(717) 845-2951.
Eighteenth Century museum complex including York’s oldest building.

Martin Library
159 E. Market St.
(717) 846-5300
York’s historic downtown library with Internet access.

Murals of York
(717) 812-0722

Appell Center for the Performing Arts
50 N. George St.
(717) 846-1111
Concerts, plays, shows and films, call for information.

York County History Center
250 E. Market St.
(717) 848-1587
York’s finest museum, genealogical library and historic sites.

Visitors Center
34 W. Philadelphia St. (Central Market York)
(717) 669-4430
Tuesday-Sunday 7:30 a.m.-2 p.m. with extended hours during downtown events

York County Colonial Courthouse
205 W. Market St.
(717) 845-2951
Continental Congress adopted Articles of Confederation here in 1777.

Explore York (York County Convention & Visitors Bureau)
60 E. North St.
(717) 852-9675
Promoting York’s attractions, restaurants and accommodations.

Susan P. Byrnes Health Education Center
515 South George St.
(717) 848-3064
Interactive health education programs for children and adults.

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