County Department of Veterans Affairs

The County of York Department of Veterans Affairs exists to maximize benefits to veterans and their families. Talk to an officer in the Department to find out benefits available to you, including property tax exceptions, vocational rehabilitation, surviving spouse pensions, grave flag markers and headstones, compensation programs, burial allowances and more. Call the County at 717-771-9218 or visit the County website.

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Know Your Rights Under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA).

Under the federal USERRA law, there are protections for many veterans who must leave a civilian job for the military as well as certain nondiscrimination protections

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City of York Hiring Preference for Veterans

The City of York offers preference points on the scores of some veterans applying for the York City Police Department or York City Fire Department.

Specifically, under the City of York Police Civil Service Commission Rules and Regulations, “Any applicant for the position of Patrol Officer who qualifies for Veterans’ Preference shall have his/her total score increased ten (10) points but only if that applicant received passing scores in all other areas of testing and qualification. If, after the additional ten (10) points are granted, a veteran is on the list of three eligible applicants, the veteran shall receive a preference in hiring over nonveterans on that list. Any applicant claiming Veterans’ Preference shall be responsible for providing any and all relevant documents to the Board.”

Also, under the City of York Fire Civil Service Commission Rules and Regulations, “Pursuant to the Veterans’ Preference Act, any applicant for the position of career firefighter who qualifies as a ‘soldier’ under this Act shall receive an additional ten (10) points on top of their total score for all tests if that applicant had received passings scores under Sections 4.1, 4.2, 4.4, and 4.6 (taking into account any differences – if any – as to how those sections are counted for career firefighters/promotions).

Veterans Memorials

The City of York recognizes those who have served their country in the military with a total of six different memorials. We would not be a free country without the sacrifices of our veterans and their families, or – as has frequently been said – “freedom is not free.” Every American who has served deserves a “thank you,” and every sacrifice must we remembered. We do so with our memorials.

Veterans Memorial Gold Star Healing and Peace Garden

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York County Vietnam War Veterans Memorial

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York City Korean War Veterans Memorial

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York County World War II Memorial

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Yorktowne War Mothers Memorial Monument

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York County Veterans Honor Roll

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