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The City of York manages 3 parking garages and 11 parking lots that are available for daily and monthly parking.

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Pay or Dispute your parking ticket quickly online. Pay by phone @ 717-983-3094. Service fee required for online & phone payments.

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There are 1000+ metered parking spaces located throughout the City of York. All meters have a 2-hour time limit from 8am-5pm.

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Parking Permits & Services

Parking Permit Requests, Traffic Disputes, Requests to Reserve Parking Meters, and other services can submitted online through the OpenGov Citizens Portal. Click the OpenGov image below to proceed to the Portal. Please use the maps below to view parking locations or use the Find Garage page.



Core/Non-Core Meter Permit Map Garage and Lot Locations Map

Parking Concerns & Complaints

Please use the button below to submit parking concerns to the York City Parking Bureau.


Parking Concerns & Complaints Form

Street Cleaning

City-wide street sweeping will resume on March 15, 2024 at 2am (weather permitting). The first route swept will be posted for the 3rd Friday, 2:00am to 6:00am.  Please view the City-Wide street sweeping schedule and for the streets that are on the Year-Round schedule.

The last day of City-wide Street Cleaning will be October 26, 2024 due to Leaf pickup.

Residents are asked not to park during the times indicated on the street signs. The fine for violating “No Parking Specified Hours” is $40.00.

Street Sweeping Schedule Year-Round Street Cleaning List

Handicap Parking

Applications for Residential Parking for People with Disabilities and Disabled Veterans can be submitted to the York City Parking Bureau. Initial review will be completed upon receipt of the completed application and required documents. Final review of submitted applications will be conducted by the Traffic Safety Committee during their meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Effective March 2023, approved residential handicap parking spaces will be assigned to the applicant. Any vehicles parked in an assigned residential handicap space that do not match the vehicle assignment are subject to being ticketed. Handicap Parking violations incur a fee of $150.00.

Please submit your completed application, copy of handicap placard, and physician’s statement to the York City Parking Bureau, (Attention) Residential Parking for People with Disabilities, 101 S. George St, York, PA 17401. Additionally, applicants must include a photocopy of the following:

  • Vehicle Registration
  • Applicant’s or Designated Driver’s PA Drivers License
  • Person with Disabilities or Disabled Veterans Identification Card

You will be notified in writing as to whether your application has been approved or denied. Questions related to this application may be directed to York City Parking at 717-849-2321 or parking@yorkcity.org.

The application can be accessed below.

Handicap Parking Application

Monthly Parking and Park & Shop

Get all the details about our monthly rates and programs that The City of York Parking Bureau has to offer.

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EV Charging

There are two dual-port Level 2 chargers available for public use in King St. Garage, Market St. Garage and Philadelphia St. Garage on the entrance levels. There is a cost of $.15 per/kwh of charging, which equates to roughly $1.00 per hour of charging. The fee for EV charging is separate from the hourly garage rates, which must be paid upon exit of the garage during operation hours.

Parking at the EV Charging spaces at the garage is allowed for vehicle charging ONLY. Any other vehicle found parking in the designated EV Charging spaces without charging will be ticketed.

Jury Parking

If you are serving on a jury for a civil or criminal case, you may use any of the three garages for parking.

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York State Fair Parking Permits

The City of York provides 24-hour parking permits free of charge for residents living in areas to be affected by annual York State Fair.

York State Fair Residential Parking

Parking Tax Forms

Per Article 338 of the codified ordinance, a tax has been imposed for each parking transaction at a non-residential parking facility.  The current tax is 15%. The required forms for reporting and payment are below.

2024 Parking Tax Application 2024 1st Quarter Return Form 2024 2nd Quarter Return Form 2024 3rd Quarter Return Form 2024 4th Quarter Return Form

Parking FAQs

We want to make your experience with The City of York Parking Bureau an enjoyable one! If you are unable to find something on our page you may the answer on our FAQ’s page.

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