Parking Ticket Payment

The City of York Parking Bureau manages enforcement of the city parking ordinances. You have the option of to pay parking fines in person at City Hall, by mail, online or by phone. You will need the parking ticket number and the license plate number of the vehicle to pay the parking fine. If you have any questions, please contact us at, or (717) 849-2230.

Parking tickets should be paid within the first 14 days. If the ticket remains unsatisfied after the initial payment period, a notice is mailed to inform the vehicle owner of the outstanding ticket. A late fee is applied and an additional 7 days is given the pay the outstanding amount. If the ticket still remains unsatisfied, it is then sent to the Magisterial District Justice (MDJ) as a citation for further prosecution. Additional court fees will then be applied and nonpayment may result in a warrant.


Please use the icon below to access the online payment portal.

Parking Ticket Payment Options

Pay Your Ticket Online

There is a service charge of 4% of the amount paid, with a $3.00 minimum, for online payments. This fee is assessed by the payment processor to cover the cost of credit card transactions fees. You will need your ticket number and your vehicle’s license plate number to make the payment.

If you do not have the ticket number please contact the York City Parking Bureau to obtain that information.

Pay Your Ticket Online

Pay Your Ticket By Phone

To pay parking tickets by phone, dial (717) 983-3094 to access our automated payment system.

Parking Ticket Disputes

Tickets can be disputed with the City or York Parking Bureau for any reason up to the ticket being placed with the Magisterial district Justice (MDJ) office as a citation.

How To File a Parking Ticket Dispute

In order to file a parking ticket dispute you must contact the York City Parking Bureau using the means below. All disputes must be filed electronically.


  • To file the dispute online, please use the Parking Ticket Dispute form linked here or use the red button below to submit the form electronically.


Disputed tickets will be reviewed within 5 business days of receipt. All customers will be notified by the City of York Parking Bureau of the outcome of the dispute (Dismissed or Denied).

Customers whose disputes are denied will have the option of having the ticked adjudicated at a formal hearing at a Magisterial district Justice (MDJ) office. If you are found guilty at the citation hearing, you will be required to pay the Magistrate fees in addition to the fine amount and late fee.

Parking Ticket Dispute

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