York City Treasurer’s Office

Joe Jefcoat
City Treasurer
(717) 849-2205

Carol Downs Brady
Deputy Treasurer
(717) 849-2346

Wanda Ruffin
(717) 852-8173

Shanell Barnes
(717) 815-0517

Brisa Dean
(717) 849-2281

Maribel Otto
(717) 849-2268

Pam Yeaple
(717) 849-2236

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The York City Treasurer is an elective position responsible for the oversight of the York City Treasurer’s Office. The office is responsible for the collection of all York City revenue totaling approximately $110.5 million annually plus over $30 million in real estate taxes for the York City School District as well as the collection of the York City Business Improvement District Assessment. Effective with the July/August 2020 bill, payments for York City Sewer and Refuse Services are collected by the York Water Company, 130 E Market Street in Downtown York. These bills can no longer be paid at City Hall.

Our goal is to provide the residents and property owners of the City of York with knowledgeable, accurate, friendly and responsive revenue collection and accounting services. Furthermore, we are committed to performing the wide array services we provide in an economical, efficient and professional manner.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities

  • Provide top-notch customer service.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date contact and property information for all parcels located in the City of York.
  • Prepare, mail and collect Municipal and School property taxes.  Record, post, reconcile and deposit all receipts on a daily basis.  Prepare daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports as required by the taxing entities.
  • Provide billing information to Downtown, Inc. (AKA the York Business Improvement District Authority) related to the Downtown Business Improvement District Assessment.  Collect and furnish accounting summaries on a weekly basis.
  • Collect and reconcile charges for parking tickets, traffic fines, ordinance and code violations, false alarms, etc.
  • Collect and reconcile earned income generated by admissions, licenses, permits, rentals, sales, registrations, collection fees, service charges, concessions, inspections, data collection, etc.
  • Collect and reconcile funds received through grants, sponsorships, personal and business contributions, reimbursements, various taxes, etc.
  • Work with City Departments and semi-autonomous City boards and authorities to ensure that all funds received by the City are reconciled and deposited in the proper accounts on a regular basis in order to meet the City’s ongoing cash needs.
  • Serve as the source of real estate tax information for the residents and property owners of the City of York as well as for the community at large.
  • Administer special tax programs including the Residential Tax Abatement Program (RETAP) and the Local Economic Revitalization Tax Abatement (LERTA).
  • Administer the York City Homestead Exclusion for the York City School District.
  • Administer the Fire Escrow Program (Act 98) for the City of York.
  • Provide documentation to law offices, settlement companies, banks, mortgage companies, governmental agencies and individuals for real estate sales, name and address changes, income taxes, grant applications and tax abatement programs.
  • Interpret and enforces all state laws and county and city ordinance pertaining to the City Treasurer’s Office.
  • Serve on the York City Pension Fund Board of Trustees and on Police Pension Fund and Firefighters Pension Fund Boards.
  • Coordinate efforts with the York City Solicitor’s Office in response to Right to Know Requests filed with the City.
  • Prepare annual budget for the Treasurer’s Office and data for the annual audits of the City of York, the York City School District and the York City Business Improvement District Authority.

The Treasurer’s Office is not authorized to collect delinquent taxes (prior years) or to provide answers to specific questions concerning delinquent taxes. Inquiries concerning delinquent taxes should be addressed to the York County Tax Claim Office located at 28 E Market Street in Downtown York. You may also contact their office by phone at (717) 771-9205.

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