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The York City Planning Commission is a volunteer board of seven city residents, appointed by the Mayor with the consent of City Council, for individual terms of four years. The Planning Commission serves as one of a number of interrelated boards, city agencies, and city authorities with interlocking responsibilities to guide land use and development in the City. These groups include the York City Planning Department, the Zoning Hearing Board, The Redevelopment Authority, and the Historical Architectural Review Board, each with key roles in both long-range planning and in the day-to-day administration of planning and land use policy.

The primary long-range responsibilities on the Planning Commission include the development of a Strategic Comprehensive Plan, intended to guide the growth and development of the city in the years ahead, and the preparation of zoning and building code ordinances to implement regulations in support of the goals of the Strategic Comprehensive Plan. The City presently has such a Plan, projecting and guiding growth through the year 2015. In addition, the Planning Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the Zoning Hearing Board in its consideration of applications for zoning variances and special exceptions, and to the City Council in its consideration of applications for subdivision and land development. In this role, the Commission is guided by both the provisions of the Strategic Comprehensive Plan, and by the requirements of the City’s Zoning Ordinance. Finally, the Commission is responsible to update the Strategic Comprehensive Plan at regular intervals and to prepare amendments to zoning and building code ordinances as needed to bring the Plan and the various ordinances into substantial alignment with one another.

Agendas and Minutes

Minutes of each month will be added following their approval at the following month’s meeting. Agendas and minutes of previous years are available by request by contacting Nancy Griffin, Interim Planner at or (717) 849-2280.


1- January 9, 2023 Agenda with motions for Board

1- January 9, 2023 Agenda with motions for Board – Spanish

1- January 9, 2023 Minutes

1- January 9, 2023 Minutes-Spanish

2- February 13, 2023 Agenda with motions for Board

2- February 13, 2023 Agenda with motions for Board – Spanish


The Planning Commission meets on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in City Council Chambers, 101 S. George St., York, PA.

Meeting Dates 2023 PC and ZHB

  • Members
    • Michael Johnson, Chair – Term expires: 1/1/27
    • Maribel Burgos – Term expires: 1/1/24
    • Matthew Davis, Co-Chair– Term expires: 1/1/24
    • Christopher Velez, Secretary – Term expires: 1/1/26
    • Corey Wolfe – Term expires: 1/1/27
    • Jada Richardson – Term expires: 1/1/25
    • Russlina Nolden – Term expires 1/1/26
  • Contact Information
    • York City Planning Department

    Nancy Griffin – Interim Planner

    • Phone: (717) 849-2280 | (717) 849-2256

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