General Authority


The York City General Authority provides conduit financing for development projects throughout the City and County.

The York City General Authority Board is made up of 1five (5) members appointed by the mayor and confirmed by City Council. Each member shall be a taxpayer in, maintain a business in, or be a citizen of the incorporating municipality. The term of office for each member is set at five years, with staggering terms.

1Authority board members were decreased from seven (7) members to five (5) members with passage of Ord. #43-2023.


The City of York General Authority supports the City of York’s mission through the financing of projects that enhance the economic health of the City of York and the quality of life of its citizens.


Meetings are held on an as needed basis at City Hall in the Pullo Conference Room, 101 S. George St., 2nd Floor, York, PA 17401.

General Authority was established per Ordinance No. 2 of 1995. Click here to view.

  • Members
    • Kimberly J. Lentz, Chair – Term expires: 1/1/27
    • Tyler Chronister, Vice Chair – Term Expires: 1/1/27 (Filled unexpired term of Meredith Schreffler)
    • Philip Briddell, Secretary/Treasurer – Term expires: 1/1/29
    • Jamiel L. Alexander, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer – Term expires: 1/1/28
    • Eric Kirkland – Term expires: 1/1/25
  • Contact Information
    • Nona Watson, Director of Economic & Community Development
      Phone: (717) 849-2875
    • Stacey R. MacNeal, Esq., Solicitor/Right-to-Know Officer
      Phone: (717) 846-8888
  • Meeting Agendas
  • Right-To-Know Requests
    • City of York General Authority Right to Know Officer
      Stacey R. MacNeal, Esquire
      Barley Snyder
      100 East Market Street
      York, PA 17401
      Phone: 717-718-7586
      Fax: 717-843-8492

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