On-Street Parking

The City of York manages 1000+ metered spaces, most of which are in Historic Downtown York. There are 210 credit card enabled meters in the downtown area. All meters are electronic.

Operating Hours

The meters are in effect from 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday. All meters have a 2-hour time limit. Meters in the Retail District are also in effect from 9am-3pm Saturday. See Retail Zone Meters Map below to see the meters that are enforced on Saturdays.

Payment at Parking Meters

All meters accept quarters, dimes, and nickels and will register the appropriate proportion of time. The credit card enable meters in the downtown area will accept quarters, dimes, nickels and credit card payments.


The City of York enforces based on the city’s parking ordinances. Parking tickets can be issued by the City of York Parking Bureau or The City of York Police. All parking tickets can be paid online or at City Hall located at 101 S. George St. York, PA 17401.

  • Meters are enforced Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm
  • Meters located in the “Retail Zone” are enforced Saturday, 9:00am to 3:00pm
  • Meters are free on Sundays
  • Meters are free on holidays observed by the City of York
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Retail Parking Zone


Meter Permits

Meter permits are for city residents only and are available in the designated core and non-core areas of downtown.

  • Core Parking Permits: Available for $40.00 per month
  • Non-Core Parking Permits – Available for $90.00 for every 6-month period

On-Street Parking Map

  • Core Parking
  • Non-Core Parking
  • Permits Not Allowed — Must Feed Meter


Parking Meter Malfunction

If a parking meter malfunctions, please call the City of York Parking Bureau at (717) 849-2230 and advise them of the problem. Please give the meter number on the side of the pole that the meter is on or the street address the meter is located so the meter can be checked as soon as possible.

Leasing Meter Spaces

Meter spaces can be leased is you are moving to the downtown area, special events or weddings. Spaces can also be leased to contractors or business owners for projects. Meter spaces can be rented for $15.00 per day Monday thru Saturday. Please call the City of York Parking Bureau at (717) 849-2230 if any additional information is needed.

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