Electrical Bureau / Building Maintenance

The Electrical Bureau/Building Maintenance provides safe buildings and streets for the citizens of York. Duties include maintenance and monitoring of 600 City-owned street lights, 3,100 GPU street lights, 9 Gamewell fire alarm circuits, 47 City-owned building/facilities and 102 signalized intersections and their associated wiring, signs and cabinetry.

  • Staff
    David P. Rudolph II, Superintendent
    • Carol Godfrey, Data Entry Clerk
    • Kathy Arnold, Custodian
    • Paul Bievenour, Maintenance Electrician II
    • Lori Buchanan, Custodian
    • Charlie DeLauder, Custodian
    • Ray Ferguson, Building Maintenance Worker II
    • Mike Fuller, Painter II
    • Anthony Nguyen, Meter Repair Technician
    • Raymond Proctor, Custodian
    • Kendale Harris, Maintenance Electrician I
    • Kriss Smith, Custodian
    • Jimmy Snyder, Parking Garage Maintenance


  • Report a Street Light Problem

    It is necessary to properly identify the exact location of the streetlight. The name of the street it is located on and the closest address of a building.

    • The most helpful information to also be included is the pole number
    • This is a ten-digit number that is located on a yellow metal tag on the pole.
    • An example of this number is 22550-28665.
    • Every pole should have a pole number. If the number is missing from the pole this should be reported along with the exact location.

    Please determine the exact problem with the streetlight.

    • The streetlight is out.
    • The streetlight goes on and off.
    • The streetlight is on during daylight hours.

    The information collected in 1 and 2 should be forwarded to the Bureau of Electrical and Building Maintenance by contacting the person below or filling out this form:

    Carol Godfrey:
    Phone: (717)-845-9351

    The Electrical Bureau will determine the ownership of the light and will either forward the proper information to Met-Ed to correct the problem or will make a repair if it is a city owned light.

    The Electrical Bureau will log all reports received with the date, the location of the light, and the problem reported. It generally will take Met-Ed two to three weeks to make a repair.

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