Immunization Program


The goal of the Immunization Program is to reduce or eliminate indigenous cases of vaccine-preventable diseases in the community.

Although many vaccine-preventable diseases have been reduced to negligible levels, the threat of these diseases is still very real. Lack of public knowledge about immunizations and the often high cost of health care are two barriers to attaining full immunization levels in the community.

The Immunization Program provides vaccine-preventable immunizations for children and adults as recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practicies (ACIP). Immunizations are entered into the statewide immunization information system (SIIS), a registry that allows for easy access and sharing of immunization status among health care providers.

The Bureau conducts many activities through out the year such as:

  • facilitates Hepatitis B vaccination for persons exposed to chronic hepatitis B carriers,
  • conducts an annual influenza and pneumococcal vaccination program to residents for fee or for a nominal fee,
  • conducts a retrospective survey of Kindergarten records to determine immunization levels of the community,
  • audits immunization levels of all two-year olds using the Health Bureau’s clinics,
  • audits physician offices for immunization status upon request
  • conduct door-to-door outreach to parents to receive timely immunizations for children.

The Bureau of Health staff provided ongoing education to public and health professionals concerning immunization as a key public health practice to prevent infectious diseases.

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