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Innovative Stormwater Treatment in the Spotlight: RSC

A recent addition to the City’s Stormwater System includes an innovative treatment method called Regenerative Step Conveyance (RSC). The RSC is a system/method of treating stormwater runoff to improve the quality of the runoff and reduce the destructive forces of fast flowing runoff. Two RSCs were installed along the East side of Tyler Run in the vicinity of Rose Alley and Hancock Alley. The design of the RSC allows stormwater flow entering the system to slow down and percolate into the ground. The RSC is a series of “steps” and “pools” that permit the water quality improvement process to take place. This project was funded as part of the Pennsylvania Growing Greener grants initiative. Stop on out and take a look as what the City is doing to improve water quality in our community. (4/21/14)

Stormwater & The Chesapeake Bay

PSA: What does it take to restore and protect the Chesapeake Bay? (Web Version) from Chesapeake Bay Program on Vimeo.

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