Basement Flood Water Management

Due to the extreme rain event that has occurred over the past week, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has granted our residents <strong><u>TEMPORARY</u></strong> permission to pump out their flooded basements to the street.  However, the basement water <u>SHALL NOT</u> contain any contaminants.  For example; the water shall not have any evidence of paint, home heating oil, motor oil, paint thinner, solvents, cleaning liquids, or anything else that may be stored in a basement.  The pumping shall last ONLY until the flooding event has ended.  <u>Once the flooding event is over, residents will no longer have permission to pump and our City employees will begin to prohibit this action.</u>  If there are contaminants in your basement flood water, residents will be required to have a professional vactor company come out to pump out your basement into a truck.   Also, as a reminder, please stay away from the creeks and Kiwanis Lake while the flood emergency is in effect.  The stream banks are extremely unstable and the velocity and volume of the water is very high.  Please ensure your children know not to play in or near the flooded creeks or lake.  If an area is cordoned off with yellow caution tape, please remain behind the tape for your own safety.   All questions or concerns should be directed to the MS4 Coordinator at (717) 324-6532 or at <a href=""></a>

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