<strong>DIRTBIKE HOTLINE NOW ACTIVE</strong>   <strong>(April 17<sup>th</sup>, 2018) York, PA</strong> — The York City Police Department, in response to dirt bikes and similar vehicles illegally operating on the roadway and in our parks, are seeking assistance from the public. We are compiling information to confiscate and arrest those riders and owners.  We are asking for assistance from public by taking photos and sending specific locations and times to a dedicated email address: <strong>dirtbikeinfo@yorkcity.org</strong> If you feel the riders are endangering the public or you have suffered property damage please call 911 immediately.   <strong> </strong> <strong>Media Contact</strong> Philip Given (717) 817-6543 <em> </em>   # # #

Neighborhood Chat Events

<strong>MAYOR HELFRICH’S NEIGHBORHOOD CHAT SERIES</strong> <strong>(March 12th, 2018) York, Pa</strong> – Today Mayor Michael Helfrich announced the first four events of the City of York’s "Neighborhood Chat" series. The events will be held in four neighborhoods throughout the City Of York. The first Neighborhood Chat will take place in the Northeast Neighborhood on April 10th at 6:00 pm at Door of Salvation Development Center, 325 N. Mulberry Street.  Future locations will be released soon.

Civil Enforcement Unit Announces a Clean Sweep

<strong>(06 April 2018) York, PA</strong> — The City of York Civil Enforcement Unit will be conducting a “Clean Sweep” on <strong><u>Tuesday, April 10, 2018</u></strong>. The sweep will be conducted on <strong>South Penn Street </strong>from <strong>West Market Street</strong> south to <strong>Kings Mill Road</strong>. To allow crews to clean the streets and along the curblines, parking will be restricted on South Penn Street from 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. on April 10th and any vehicles parked on the street during that time will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense. No parking signs will be posted to notify residents of this temporary parking restriction. South Penn Street will be closed in one block sections starting a Market Street and moving south while crews work in each block. The Civil Enforcement Unit (CEU) is comprised of representatives of the Fire Department, Bureau of Permits, Planning and Zoning, Police Department, Public Works, and York County Sheriff’s Department. Clean Sweeps are a concentrated enforcement and clean-up effort in various areas of the City to address quality of life and property maintenance issue as well as clean up trash and litter. Property Maintenance Inspectors will be inspecting in the area to address quality of life and life safety violations of the codes while the Department of Public Works clears trash and debris from the sidewalks and streets. The Police and Sheriff’s Departments assist in this effort. Although Public Works will be clearing sidewalks of trash and debris, residents are reminded that this is not a large item pick-up event and that such items must be scheduled for pick-up through the Large Item Line at 717-843-1240. Unscheduled large items will result in a Neighborhood Improvement Ordinance ticket being issued. Residents are encouraged to participate in this “Sweep” by removing their vehicles from the street during the posted hours and by sweeping any trash and litter to the curb line in front of their property.   <strong>Media Contact</strong> Steven R. Buffington (717) 849-2208   Tom Landis (717) 324-6571 <strong> ###</strong>

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