Bureau of Housing Services

Mission Statement

The Bureau of Housing Services is instrumental in helping the Administration reach its goal of attaining a homeownership rate of fifty percent in five years…York’s rate of 41% lags behind the national average of 64% and Pennsylvania’s rate that currently stands at 72%.

About the Bureau of Housing Services

In addition to the goal of increasing homeownership in the City, our mission is to create more desirable, affordable housing, which will lead to a greater positive impact on our city neighborhoods in terms of stabilizing and enhancing properties.

The Bureau of Housing Services is funded by the U.S. Department Of Housing and Urban Development with Community Development Block Grant Funds…commonly known as CDBG…and HOME Investment Program Funds…simply known as HOME.

Regulations outline each eligible activity which must also conform to one of the three national objectives required by HUD…activities must benefit low to moderate income persons…aid in the prevention or elimination of slum and blight and meet a need of particular urgency.

All CDBG recipients must comply with strict HUD regulations and are subject to monitoring by the City, as prescribed by HUD.

The City of York fund the York County Literacy Council, Crispus Attucks,

Recommendations for funding allocations require the Mayor’s approval and City Council’s endorsement prior to submission to HUD. These recommendations include allocations to several community based organizations and city departments.

The intent of the HOME Program is to provide decent affordable housing to our residents. It also must benefit low to moderate income residents whose median income is at 80% of York’s average, a figure determined by HUD at the beginning of each calendar year. HOME funds are used to provide for the 3/2 Program that helps prospective first-time homebuyers with closing costs and downpayment funds.

There are very valuable tools and programs in place that benefit city residents through HUD funding. With increased marketing efforts, use of the local media, outreach to neighborhood groups and forums, as well as the our city’s faith-based communities, more people are taking advantage of these opportunities.


Helping first time Homebuyers

Get started TODAY on the steps to Homeownership by scheduling an appointment with one of our counselors.

Our office is located at 116 N George St, York, PA 17401. We are currently open from Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm. Office: 717-827-4334 Fax: 717-814-5987.  All email and documents are to be sent to yhap@lhop.org.

PARTNERSHIP WITH TENFOLD makes it possible for the dream of homeownership in York City more attainable and affordable for first time homebuyers through education and financial assistance.

CITY OF YORK Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance

Eligible first-time homebuyers, looking to purchase within York City , may qualify for a closing cost and down payment assistance loan through York Homebuyer Assistance Program (YHAP).

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