Lincoln Fire Company

Lincoln Fire Company

On June 1, 1942, a meeting was held at the Faith Evangelical and Reformed Church for the purpose of forming a fire company. The 11th, 13th and 14th wards of York were a rapidly growing residential area on the northwest side of York. After some discussion, temporary officers were named and a meeting planned for two weeks later at the church, located at Pacific Avenue and Elm Terrace.

At the June 15, 1942 meeting a firm commitment was made to form a fire company. A constitution and by-laws was approved, and the name of Lincoln Engine Company was adopted. The company was incorporated on September 14, 1942.

On October 9, 1942, the City Council approved the addition of the Lincoln to the York City Fire Department.

The York Bus Company offered a place for the Lincoln to house an engine and to hold meetings until a suitable home was built. The first meeting in these temporary quarters, at Pennsylvania Avenue and Hartley Street, was held on April 6, 1943. A reserve apparatus from the department, a 1919 American LaFrance 750 gpm pumper, was assigned to the Lincoln.

On November 5, 1943, the members of the Lincoln selected a tract of land on the corner of Maryland and Roosevelt Avenues on which to build a fire station. Money was raised, and on May 5, 1944 the land was purchased from Paul Lucking. On January 19, 1945 the land was donated to the City with the understanding that the City would build a fire station on the site.

The Lincoln moved into their new station on September 10, 1946 and a dedication ceremony was held on September 22, 1946.

On May 21, 1948, a new American LaFrance 1000 gpm pumper was assigned to the Lincoln by the City.

In 1953, the Lincoln outfitted a donated vehicle as a canteen unit, with a cupboard and countertops, a stove, coffee urn and first aid supplies. The first run for the canteen truck was on April 23, 1953, to a general alarm fire at the Hoover Body Works. York County Civil Defense approached the Lincoln in 1954, asking to use the canteen truck in times of emergency. The company approved the request, and Civil Defense installed a two-way radio in the unit.

In May of 1956, a new Chevrolet van was purchased to replace the original canteen truck, and was placed in service on October 13, 1956.

In March of 1973, a 1250 gpm Mack pumper was assigned to the Lincoln. This was the first diesel powered apparatus in the fire department, and the first Mack vehicle used by the fire department.

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