HARB Ordinance (Art. 1731)

The Codified Ordinances of the City of York cover all ordinances of a general and permanent nature. The provisions of such general and permanent ordinances are set forth in full in the Codified Ordinances. The ordinances contained herein are for informational purposes. As our laws change throughout the year, please contact the City Clerk weekdays at (717) 849-2246 or email: dthompso@yorkcity.org for updated/amended ordinances.

The York City Codified ordinances are codified, edited and prepared for publication by The Walter H. Drane Company. To purchase a complete Codified Ordinance book for the City of York, please contact The Walter H. Drane Company at (216) 752-1022.

Disclaimer: The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. If you need official, certified copies of any Council documents, you must obtain such official copies through the Office of the City Clerk, 101 S. George St., York, PA 17401 (Phone: 717-849-2246). As our laws change throughout the year, please contact the City Clerk for updates and/or amendments to the code.


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Table A – Opening, Widening & Adopting Streets and Alleys
Table B – Street Naming or Changing Name
Table C – Vacating of Streets and Alleys


TITLE ONE – General Provision

Art. 101. Codified Ordinances.
Art. 103. Official Standards.

TITLE THREE – Legislative

Art. 111. Council.
Art. 115. Ordinances and Resolutions.

TITLE FIVE – Administrative Offices and Departments

Art. 121. Administration Generally.
Art. 123. Mayor.
Art. 125. City Clerk.
Art. 127. City Treasurer.
Art. 129. City Controller.
Art. 133. Department of Administration.
Art. 135. City Solicitor.
Art. 136. Small and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program.
Art. 137. Fiscal Procedure.
Art. 138. Recycled Product Procurement Policy.
Art. 141. Department of Public Works.
Art. 143. Department of Public Safety. (Abolished)
Art. 145. Police Department.
Art. 147. Emergency Management Agency.
Art. 149. Fire Department.
Art. 151. Department of Community Development.
Art. 153. Historic Monument Preservation Fund.
Art. 155. Public Library Funding.

TITLE SEVEN – Employment Provisions; Pensions and Benefits

Art. 161. Pension Boards.
Art. 163. Civil Service Boards.
Art. 165. Employment Provisions.
Art. 167. Officers and Employees Retirement System.
Art. 169. Police Officer’s Pension Fund.
Art. 171. Firefighter’s Pension Fund.

TITLE NINE – Authorities, Boards and Commissions

Art. 181. General Provisions.
Art. 183. Fair Housing.
Art. 185. Human Relations.
Art. 187. Authorities.
Art. 189. Planning Commission.
Art. 190. Consolidated Board of Appeals.
Art. 191. Zoning Hearing Board.
Art. 193. Advisory Council on Recreation and Parks.
Art. 194. Educational Service Agency.
Art. 195. Tax Review Board.
Art. 197. Citizen’s Grievance Committee. (Repealed)
Art. 199. Citizen’s Advisory Committee.


TITLE ONE – Real Estate

Art. 301. Assessment Law.
Art. 302. Residence Tax. (Repealed)
Art. 303. Property Tax.
Art. 305. Tax Collection.
Art. 307. Exemption for Dwelling Improvements. (RETAP)
Art. 308. Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance (LERTA) Program.
Art. 309. Registry.
Art. 310. Tax Incremental Financing Program.

TITLE THREE – Business Regulation (Business Start-Up Packet)

Art. 323. Cable Television Franchise.
Art. 325. Closing-Out, Damaged Goods and Defunct Business Sales.
Art. 327. Dances and Dance Halls.
Art. 329. Itinerant Vendors.
Art. 331. Pawnbrokers.
Art. 332. Mobile Cart Vendors. (Information/Application)
Art. 333. Peddlers and Solicitors.
Art. 334. Mobile Food Vehicles.
Art. 335. Mechanical Amusement Devices.
Art. 336. B.Y.O.B. Club.
Art. 337. Yard, Garage or Similar Sales. (Permit Application)


Art. 338. Tax Upon the Consideration in Non-Residential Parking Lot Transactions.
Art. 341. Earned Income and Net Profits Tax.
Art. 343. Business Privilege and Mercantile Tax.
Art. 345. Local Services Tax.
Art. 347. Mercantile License Tax. (Repealed)
Art. 349. Admissions Tax.
Art. 351. Juke Box Tax.
Art. 353. Occupation Tax. (Repealed)
Art. 355. Realty Transfer Tax.


Art. 501. Administration and Enforcement.
Art. 503. Cruising.
Art. 505. Parades and Street Fairs.
Art. 507. Booting.
Art. 509. Parking Meters. (Ticket Complaint Form) (Meter Info) (Parking Garages) (Monthly Parking Rates) (Fines)
Art. 513. Vehicle Operation and Parking. (Ticket Complaint Form) (Fines)
Art. 516. Residential Parking Permit Areas. (Fees)
Art. 517. City Parking Lots.
Art. 521. Snow Emergencies. (Routes)
Art. 525. Trailers.
Art. 533. Bicycles.
Art. 537. Skateboards.
Art. 541. Dumpster Placement.
Art. 545. Public/Private Property Towing.


Art. 705. Keeping of Animals.
Art. 709. Civil Emergencies.
Art. 713. Disorderly Conduct and Disturbing the Peace.
Art. 714. Noise.
Art. 715. Unlicensed Sale of Alcoholic Beverages.
Art. 716. Real Estate Used For Illicit Drug Sales.
Art. 717. Dogs.
Art. 725. Firearms and Weapons.
Art. 729. Litter and Weeds.
Art. 730. Neighborhood Improvement Ordinance (SWEEP) 
Art. 733. Air Rifles and Sling Shots.
Art. 737. Minors Curfew.
Art. 741. Park Conduct. (Fees) (List of Parks)
Art. 745. Pigeons.
Art. 753. Streets and Sidewalks.
Art. 755. Police and Fire Alarms.


TITLE ONE – Street and Sidewalk Areas

Art. 901. Street Adoption and Names.
Art. 905. Excavations. (Fees)
Art. 909. Curbs and Sidewalks. (Fees)
Art. 913. Trees and Vegetation.
Art. 915. Poles and Wires.
Art. 917. Underground Conduits.

TITLE THREE – Public Sewers

Art. 931. Sanitary Sewers.
Art. 932. Plumbing Requirements.
Art. 933. Sewer Rentals.

TITLE FOUR – Stormwater Management 

Art. 935. General Provisions.
Art. 936. Definitions.
Art. 937. Stormwater Management Standards.
Art. 938. Stormwater Management (SWM) Site Plan Requirements.
Art. 939. Construction Inspections.
Art. 940. Operation and Maintenance.
Art. 941. Fees and Expenses.
Art. 942. Detection and Elimination of Illicit Discharges to the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System.
Art. 943. Enforcement and Penalties.
Art. 944. References / Appendices. (Appendix A)(Appendix B)(Appendix C)

TITLE FIVE – Other Public Services

Art. 951. Municipal Solid Waste Management Act.
Art. 952. Waste Minimization and Recycling.


TITLE ONE – Food and Food Establishments

Art. 1105. Licensing.
Art. 1109. Rules and Regulations.
Art. 1113. Food Establishments.
Art. 1117. Public Eating and Drinking Places.
Art. 1121. Bakeries.
Art. 1125. Mobile Catering Trucks.

TITLE THREE – Sanitation and Health

Art. 1126. Regulation of Portable Toilets. (Fees)
Art. 1139. Lead Hazards.


Zoning Map, & Street Classifications

Click here to view Sections 1301-1379 & Appendix – Publications:

Art. 1301. Short Title and Purpose.
Art. 1302. Definitions.
Art. 1303. Districts, Maps and Boundaries.
Art. 1304. Use Definitions, General Provisions, Accessory Uses, Conditional Uses and Special Exeption Use Requirements.
Art. 1305. Infrastructure and Landscaping.
Art. 1306. Nonconformities, Uses Established by Special Exception, Uses Established by Variance .
Art. 1307. Environmental Performance Standards.

Art. 1308. Sign Regulations.
Art. 1309. Parking Regulations.
Art. 1310. Planned Residential Development.
Art. 1311. Zoning Hearing Board and Administrative Procedures.
Art. 1312. Administration.
Art. 1313. Interpretation, Confliect and Validity.

TITLE THREE – Subdivision and Land Development

Art. 1331. Short Title and Purpose.
Art. 1332. Definitions.
Art. 1333. Procedures and Requirements.
Art. 1334. Design Standards.
Art. 1335. Mobile Home Parks.
Art. 1336. Required Improvements.
Art. 1337. Administration.

TITLE FIVE – Planned Residential Development

Art. 1351. Short Title and Purpose.
Art. 1352. Definitions.
Art. 1353. Eligibility and Design Standards.
Art. 1354. Procedures.
Art. 1355. Administration.

TITLE SIX – Storm Water Management and Erosion and Sedimentation Control

Art. 1371. General Provisions.
Art. 1372. Definitions.
Art. 1373. Regulations.
Art. 1374. Plan Requirements.
Art. 1375. Approval Requirements and Procedures.
Art. 1376. Inspections and Certification.
Art. 1377. Fees and Expenses.
Art. 1378. Financial Guarantees and Maintenance.
Art. 1379. Enforcement and Penalty.
APPENDIX – Publications


Art. 1501. Standard Adopted (Local Amendments); View International Fire Code
Art. 1512. Fire Insurance Escrow Act.


TITLE ONE – Standards Adopted (Click here to visit the International Code Council website)

Art. 1700. Enforcement.
Art. 1701. BOCA National Building Code (Local Amendments)  View National Building Code
Art. 1704. International Mechanical Code (Local Amendments) View International Mechanical Code
Art. 1705. International Plumbing Code (Local Amendments) View International Plumbing Code
Art. 1709. National Electrical Code (Local Amendments)
Art. 1711. Uniform Construction Code (Adopted).
Art. 1713. Flood Plain Management.
Art. 1714. Change of Ownership/Tenant Certificate of Compliance.


TITLE THREE – Local Provisions

Art. 1721. Building Permit Returns.
Art. 1725. Unsafe Dwellings.
Art. 1728. Vacant Property Review Committee. (Committee Members)
Art. 1729. Vacant Property Registration. (Committee Members) (Fees)
Art. 1730. Foreclosure Property Registry and Maintenance.
Art. 1731. Historic York. (HARB members & Information)
Art. 1741. Filling Stations. (Repealed)
Art. 1751. Nuisance Abatement.

TITLE FIVE – Housing Code

Art. 1761. Licensing and Inspection of Tenant Occupied Residential and all Institutional Occupancies.
Art. 1763. Property Maintenance Code. (Local Amendments); View International Property Maintenance Code

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