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Start a Challenging Career as a Firefighter with the York City Department of Fire/Rescue Services

The York City Department of Fire/Rescue Services is looking for men and women who want to be firefighters. No firefighting experience is necessary.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age
  2. Must have a high school diploma or equivalent
  3. Must be a United States citizen or legal alien
  4. Must have a valid driver’s license

This is a highly responsible and technically skilled position that requires the person to perform specialized work as an individual or team member in fire operations, emergency medical services, and fire prevention activities. Work primarily involves the responsibility of the protection of life and property, and frequently involves strenuous exertion under hazardous conditions such as fire, smoke, extreme heat and cold, heights, confined spaces, toxic or irritant gases or chemicals, explosive situations and water rescue.

The position requires the person to drive and operate a variety of specialized apparatus and associated equipment, including the responsibility to maintain the apparatus and equipment in a readied state.

The position requires participation in non-emergency activities and programs such as training, station and equipment maintenance, pre-fire planning, building inspections and public education.

The Selection Process

Written Test
This test is designed to measure some of the different skills and abilities that are needed to become a firefighter. It tests your ability to read, understand, and remember. It is also designed to measure your skill in mathematics and your ability to rear maps, tables, and drawings. You are not expected to have any technical knowledge in firefighting for this examination.

Physical Agility Test
This test measures the candidate’s strength, endurance, and agility. This is a pass/fail test.

Oral Interview
The interview is a behavior-based review of your personal history, providing evaluation of your practical problem solving ability, interpersonal relations, including teamwork and respect for diversity.

Background Investigation
A background investigation is conducted to evaluate the candidate’s honesty, respect for law, respect for the rights of others, employment record, driving record, military record, and the use of drugs and intoxicants.

Psychological Evaluation
A psychological evaluation, conducted by qualified personnel, will be required prior to appointment.

Medical Evaluation
A medical examination, conducted by a designated physician, determines whether the candidate is medically qualified to perform the duties of a firefighter.

Benefit Package

  • 14 days paid vacation
  • 14 paid holidays
  • Full insurance coverage including life, health and dental
  • Prescription and vision coverage
  • Training and education benefits – 50% reimbursement for college tuition for fire science related courses

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