Banner Display Permit

Banner display at York City designated locations, is permitted for non-profit organizations ONLY

Banner Display Permit Information

  • Applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis.
  • A maximum number of three (3) locations can be reserved per event.
  • If requesting more than one (1) location, a separate application must be completed for each location.
  • A sketch showing the banner text and dimensions must be provided before application is approved.
  • The approved permit will be sent to you via email. If an email address is not provided, the approved application will be mailed.
  • Banners can be displayed at more than one location. However, you will have to fill out an application for each location where you would like your banner to be displayed.
  • Banners can be displayed for a maximum of three (3) weeks prior to the event date.

Application Forms & Location Availability

Each locations availability can be seen using the calendars below. Once you have determined the dates you would like to apply for, select the location(s) using the buttons beneath the calendar.

Continental Square Banner Display
Market St. & Richland Ave. Banner Display
Philadelphia St. & Carlisle Ave. Banner Display
Out of Season
Continental Square Market St. & Richland Ave. Philadelphia St. & Carlisle Ave.

More Information About Displaying Your Banner

  • Banner Display Season

    Banner Display Season

    April 1st – October 31st

    Banner Permits Will Not Be Issued During the Following Months

    • January
    • February
    • March
    • November
    • December
  • Banner Display Locations

    Banners can be displayed at more than one location, however you will have to fill out an application for each.

    • Continental Square
    • Market St. & Richland Ave.
    • Philadelphia St. & Carlisle Ave.

    *If requesting the Philadelphia St. & Carlisle Ave. location, the banner will be visible only to traffic and pedestrians traveling west on Philadelphia St.

  • Banner Display Fee
    • The application/permit fee is $200.00 per requested location.
    • Upon approval, an invoice will be sent for payment.
    • Checks should be made payable to: City of York.
    • The fee includes the installation and removal of the banner.
    • Payment is due within in ten (10) business days from receipt of the notification.
    • If payment is not received within ten (10) business days, your banner display location will be canceled.
    • A partial refund of $150.00 will be returned on all refunds requested by the applicant. If the City would need to cancel your reservation, a full refund will be issued. Please allow 30 days for processing.

    How Do I Pay for My Permit?

    • By Mail – A check made payable to the City of York, PA can be mailed to The Department of Public Works, 101 South George Street, York, PA, 17401 – Attention: PUBLIC WORKS (BANNER PERMITS)

    Thank You!

  • Banner Regulations
    • Banner Size: 3’ wide, 20’ to 30’ long
    • Grommets: Spaced 4’ apart along the top of the banner
    • “D” Rings: Provided on all four (4) corners
    • Rope: Supplied by the City of York. Do not bring a rope.
    • The banner must be of mesh construction or supply cut-outs on cloth or canvas banners to allow passage of air.
    • Inform the banner manufacturer that the banner is for exterior use to ensure the proper use of quality vinyl lettering.
    • *It is your choice to print a banner double-sided. 

    *Note: The Philadelphia & Carlisle location is visible only on one side.

  • Banner Delivery, Display & Pick-Up

    Banner Delivery & Display

    • Please call the Building Maintenance office (717-845-9351) to schedule a date and time to drop off the banner.
    • Banners delivery requirement: Deliver two to three (2-3) days prior to the scheduled display date.
    • The banner is to be delivered to The Sanitary Sewer Maintenance Building at 1625 Toronita Street, York PA to The Attention of The Building Maintenance/Electrical Bureau Superintendent.
    • Bring your approved application with you.
    • Banners delivered on the day of the scheduled display date, cannot go up until the next business day.


    Banner Pickup

    • After the requested display period has ended, the banner is available for pick-up at 1625 Toronita Street (same location as the drop-off).
    • It is the responsibility of the requesting organization to ensure that the banners are picked up in a timely manner. Banners will be held for up to thirty- days (30) after the last display date.
    • After the thirty days (30) have passed, the banner will no longer be the responsibility of the City of York and will be discarded.
    • Please call the Building Maintenance office at 845-9351 to schedule a banner pick-up date.

    *The City reserves the right to remove a banner from the requested display location, and place the banner at another location if the weather and/or other situations should occur that would prevent the banner from being displayed at the requested location. No refunds are given for location changes made by the City. The City of York is not responsible for any weather-related damages that may occur to the banner during the display period.

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