Curbside Collections Cancelled for Tuesday 2/13/24 in York City

Ble the Normal Bag Limits to Be Collected Friday 2/14/24

All curbside collections for Tuesday 2/13/24 have been cancelled in York City. All items placed out for collection should be immediately pulled back, so they do not become frozen to the ground or snow covered.

A strong winter storm, dumping heavy snow at a rate of an inch per hour for an extended period, has created dangerous conditions for both collection vehicles and crews.

This cancellation affects only the Tuesday/Friday area customers. Thursday collections will be normal. Only Friday collections will have a double bag limit. Any customer that had large items prescheduled for Tuesday will have their large items collected on Friday. Recycling should be pulled back until next Tuesday for the affected area.

Consider using dark colored trash bags during winter weather to increase visibility and clear a path to trash sitting at your pickup point. Do NOT place items on the street between parked cars. Crews look back and forth at the sidewalk area and bags on the street between cars can easily be missed.

Please be patient as crews will be dealing with an extra amount of trash and weather-related challenges. This means collections may be running later than normal. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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