Curbside Collections Delayed 1 Day for Remainder of This Week

Due to the overnight snow and hazardous driving conditions, the City of York announces to curbside customers that there be NO curbside collections today, Tuesday, January 16th. This affects collections Tuesday through Friday.

The Hauler will be collecting on a 1-day delay for the remainder of this week. Tuesday/Friday customers will be picked up on Wednesday and Saturday and Thursday customers will be picked up on Friday this week.

Customers are asked to clear snow off bags and cans of trash, be sure bags are not frozen to ground and if needed, rebag any torn trash bags. Dark trash bags are easier for collectors to see against snow. Also, be sure to make a clear path to the designated pick-up point. Set items on top or in front of snow piles, not behind. Thank you for your help in making a very tough job more manageable.

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