How to Pay Your Bill

City of York sewer and refuse customers may now take advantage of  several convenient options to pay their City of York sewer and refuse bill.

  • Pay in-person at 130 East Market Street during regular business hours
  • Call the 24-hour phone number (1-866-665-9578)
  • Mail your payment to YWC at PO Box 3009, Lancaster, PA 17604-3009
  • Pay online at
  • Pay using our FREE-Timely Automatic Payment (TAP) Program. While you are on the site, consider enrolling in paperless billing.

The City of York and the York Water Company are working together to improve customer billing for sewer and refuse. York Water Company, serving the city of York, PA for 204 years, will now, for the first time, handle all billing and revenue collections services for the City of York Sewer and Refuse System. The new bills will appear in consumers’ mailboxes on or around August 31, 2020. Note that the new bill will reflect sewer and refuse fees for the past two months.

This new and improved process will allow City of York Sewer and Refuse customers to more clearly see the relationship between their water use and sewer and refuse costs, with a single location for customer service and sewer and refuse payment processing.

Did you know your City of York sewer bill is based upon the water meter reading from the York Water Company? As the billing agent for the City of York’s sewer and refuse system, your monthly water meter readings determine monthly sewer and refuse fees.

City of York sewer and refuse customers will be able to call York Water’s Customer Service department to get answers to questions regarding their sewer and refuse bill or customer service needs related to their sewer and refuse bill, while the City of York will manage sewer system maintenance and onsite services.

For more information, please visit or call 717-845-3601. For information in Spanish, please visit

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