Snow Removal Requirements

Mayor Michael Helfrich would like to remind residents and property owners that the Property Maintenance Code requires that snow and ice be removed from sidewalks within twelve (12) hours of the end of the precipitation. A sufficient amount of snow and ice must be removed to leave a cleared pathway at least thirty-six (36”) inches in width for the entire length of the sidewalk in front of and abutting the property.

On sidewalks less than thirty-six (36”) in width, a path must be cleared that allows one (1) pedestrian to pass at a time. Additionally, snow and ice that is removed from a sidewalk or other property may not be deposited into the roadway. Property Maintenance Inspectors will be patrolling the City to ensure that snow and ice have been removed.

If you have a neighbor or family member that is unable to clear their walks we encourage you to assist them.

Inspectors will begin patrolling for unshoveled sidewalks at 8:00 a.m. Tuesday, March 5, 2019.


Steve Buffington
P: 717-849-2208

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