Update To Designated Recyclables

The City of York recently sent a Fall/Winter Public Works Newsletter to each household and business.

The list of designated recyclables listed in the first paragraph under Environmental Bureau was not the current list. Due to changes in the global recycling markets, the information below is the correct list of designated recyclables for York City.

Recycle Only These Items In Your Curbside Recycling Container And Do Not Place Any Trash In With Recyclables

  • Metal Food/Beverage Cans
    Cans that had food or drink in them direct from the grocery store; No lids.
  • Glass Food/Beverage Bottles/Jars
    Bottles/jars that had food or drink in them direct from the grocery store; No lids.
  • Plastic Bottles/Jars (Only)
    Bottles/jars that have #1 & #2 in triangle on the bottom of the container; drink/food/laundry/bath bottles/jars; No bowls/cups/trays/film/toys/etc.
  • Newspaper
    Newspaper must be clean and dry; No glossy paper and No contaminated newspaper.
  • Corrugated Cardboard Boxes
    Cardboard must be clean, dry, flattened and bundled; No thin paperboard/chipboard.

Recycling Reminders

No household dishes/glasses/mugs, no mirror/window type glass, no bags, hangers, toys or other household products in your curbside recycling. Attempting to recycle miscellaneous items that are not listed above is “wishful recycling” and does not help the recycling process. Non-recyclable items must be placed in the TRASH.

Reminder, all persons in York City are required to recycle according to State law, Act 101 and local ordinance 952, (resident, commercial, institutional). If you are not recycling, begin immediately.

Non-compliance may result in fines of up to $600.

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