City Hall Closed Due to Significant Physical Property Damage

Due to a physical attack on the City of York’s Information Technology infrastructure that occurred at approximately 9:00pm on August 5th, City Hall will be closed until further notice.

As of this press release, access to ALL city landline phone numbers are down. Additionally, access to city files and services are limited. Some web services may be unavailable as our staff works to repair the damage.

An individual that was arrested earlier today in another jurisdiction for an unrelated issue appears to have breached the security systems at City Hall causing significant and critical physical property damage to the city’s infrastructure. The suspect was arrested on site by York City Police Department officers and charges will be forthcoming.

All emergency and critical operations including the York City Police Department, York City Department of Fire/Rescue Services, and Wastewater Treatment Plant remain operational. In the event of an emergency, please call 911.

City employees will be contacted by their supervisor regarding work duties.

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