Mayor’s Medal of Distinction to Be Presented to Firefighter and Retired Police Corporal Allen Fuentes

Today, the City of York announces that Mayor Michael R. Helfrich, will be presenting the Mayor’s Medal of Distinction to City of York Firefighter, Allen Fuentes, on Friday, October 15, 2021, at 4:00 p.m., at York City Hall (101 S George Street), in Council Chambers.

Firefighter Allen Fuentes began his career of service to the citizens of the City of York with the York City Police Department on April 2nd, 1979. A New York City native, Firefighter Allen Fuentes has spent his entire adult life in service to our community. First, through his service with the York City Police Department, and then continuing his service with the York City Department of Fire and Rescue. Fuentes retired from the York City Police Department on August 21, 2000. On the same day, Fuentes was sworn-in as a Probationary Firefighter.

At the time of his hire with the York City Police Department, Allen became the first York City Police Officer of Hispanic heritage. Throughout his police career, Corporal Fuentes’ Spanish language fluency helped in countless criminal investigations, and more importantly, Corporal Fuentes’ served as an integral bridge between the Police Department and our Spanish speaking community members. During his time with the department, Officer Fuentes also served as a member of the York City Police Quick Response Team, Hostage Negotiation Team; served as Officer Friendly, and as the SPECDA (School Program to Educate and Control Drug Abuse) Officer at Jackson Elementary School. Officer Fuentes served on the York City Police Color Guard, and as a member of the Community Oriented Policing Unit. Officer Fuentes was promoted to Corporal to serve as a Field Training Officer to newly hired Police Officers. Through his time as a Field Training Officer, Corporal Fuentes trained and mentored dozens of Probationary Police Officers who went on to have successful careers with the Police Department.

In addition to serving our City with his consistent professionalism,  Fuentes was recognized numerous times during his Police career for actions “above and beyond the normal call of duty.”  Some of the more significant achievements include:

  • The Award of Merit in 1996, the Police Department’s Second Highest Award for Valor and/or extraordinary skill.
  • Named “Police Officer of the Year” in 1986.
  • (12) Chief’s Commendations for heroism and/or extraordinary skill and numerous other letters of Commendation from various supervisors throughout his career.
  • An Attorney General’s Commendation from then Attorney General Thomas Corbett, for work done with the Attorney General’s Municipal Drug Task Force.

After being sworn-in as a Probationary Firefighter in 2000, Fuentes attended the HACC Fire Academy. Upon graduation, he was assigned to the Fire Prevention Bureau, where he performed fire inspections and code enforcement assignments, in addition to his regular fire and rescue duties. in April 2012, Fuentes  was assigned to Engine 5, where he continued to perform with the same level of professionalism and dedication that he demonstrated while serving with the York City Police Department.

Following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Firefighter Fuentes travelled to his native New York City with fellow members of the York City Fire and Police Department, to assist with search and rescue efforts  during this challenging time for our nation. Fuentes worked the debris pile alongside fellow YCPD officers for three consecutive days, admirably assisting his brothers and sisters from the FDNY and NYPD.

Firefighter Fuentes was also awarded a Letter of Commendation on July 13, 2012, for responding to a fire  while off-duty, on November 11, 2011.

Firefighter and Retired Police Corporal Allen Fuentes has been in continuous service to the citizens of York City for an astonishing 42 years, and he has served under 6 different mayors.

“Such dedication to the City of York is rarely seen by a public employee, let alone a first responder that has spent over 40 years risking his life for the wellbeing of the residents and businesses of the city,” said Mayor Michael Helfrich. “It is an honor for me to award the highest recognition that a Mayor can give to Firefighter and Retired Police Corporal Fuentes.”

The Mayor’s Medal of Distinction is awarded to an employee who has rendered distinguished service; demonstrated an exceptional degree of good judgment, initiative, and competence in his or her field of endeavor; and has sustained this record or outstanding service over a period of years. Firefighter and retired Police Corporal Allen Fuentes has met these requirements as demonstrated above and is hereby awarded the Mayor’s Medal of Distinction. His service, impact, and leadership will not soon be forgotten and likely never duplicated.

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