March 22nd, 2018

Philip Given

Sidewalk snow removal enforcement to begin Friday morning

(March 22nd 2018) York, Pa – Mayor Michael Helfrich advises residents that the Snow Emergency in the City of York is to be lifted at 12:00pm (noon) today, Thursday, March 22nd.

Residents who were utilizing City of York parking garages and lots will be permitted to begin parking their vehicles on the Snow Emergency Route at 12:00pm (noon) today. All vehicles utilizing the garages and lots for Snow Emergency parking need to be removed from lots and garages by 8:00am Friday, March 23rd to avoid being charged.

Winter Storm Toby left our area at approximately 12:00am (midnight). With the lifting of the Snow Emergency it has been 12 hours since the snow ceased falling. All sidewalks in the City of York must be clear of snow and passable to pedestrians. Fines will be issued by the City of York beginning first thing Friday morning. See below ordinances and guidelines for more information.

302.3.2 Duty to clear snow and ice; Responsibility. The owner of every property fronting upon or alongside any street or highway in the City is hereby required to remove or cause to be removed from all sidewalks in front of or abutting such property, within twelve hours after snow has ceased to fall, a sufficient amount of snow and ice to leave a cleared pathway at least thirty-six inches in width for the entire length of that portion of the sidewalk in front of and abutting such property. The pathway shall run parallel to the curb or building line of such sidewalk except were a sidewalk is less than thirty-six inches in width, sufficient snow and ice shall be removed with such time to leave a cleared pathway to permit one pedestrian at a time to pass thereover.

302.3.3 Deposit of removed snow. No person shall throw, cast or deposit the snow required to be removed by Section 302.3.1 in the roadbed of the street or highway adjoining such property, but is required to deposit the same upon the sidewalk along and immediately inside the curb thereof.

1. Snow must be shoveled within 12-hours of the end of snowfall. The City will announce the time that enforcement will begin. If you are unable to shovel your walk we encourage you to reach out to your church, community groups, family members or neighbors for help. We understand that it may be difficult for some to shovel snow but it is important that sidewalks be cleared to allow safe passage of pedestrians, especially our school children that must walk to school.

2. Do not throw snow out into the street. It should be either piled in a yard area or along the curb line of the sidewalk. The City of York expends great resources clearing our roadways of snow and depositing shoveled snow out in the street hampers those efforts and makes driving dangerous. Property Maintenance Inspectors will be patrolling the City and will issue citations to those found throwing snow into the street.

3. Clear at least a 36” pathway on all public sidewalks. If you cannot clear 36” then you should clear at least enough to allow one pedestrian to safely pass across your sidewalk.

4. Do not place items in the street to save parking spaces. Parking along our streets is public and may not be reserved. It is understood that it is frustrating to shovel out a space and have someone else take it. We would ask that everyone be good neighbors and respect the hard work of others that have shoveled out a parking space. Property Maintenance Inspectors will be patrolling the City and will issue one warning to those placing items in the street and thereafter will file a citation.

Vehicles must be correctly parked along the curb. Angle parking, parking partially in a lane of traffic or otherwise obstructing safe passage of our roadways may result in ticketing and/or towing of your vehicle.

Mayor Helfrich thanks all residents, business owners and commuters for their patience with the cleanup surrounding Winter Storm Toby.


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