City of York Announces Change of Operations

Considering the recent rapid increase in COVID-19 caseloads, and York and Memorial hospitals being near or above 100% capacity, the City of York is canceling large city-sponsored public events. This includes the New Year’s Eve White Rose Drop in Continental Square and the New Year’s Eve Children’s Balloon Drop at Voni Grimes Gym. While we know that these events are community favorites, these events have the potential of bringing very large crowds together to celebrate, exacerbating this fourth surge of COVID-19.  High inpatient volumes create delays in the start of care and cause length of stays in hospitals to grow.  As a result, this creates a clog in the system, and impacts every aspect of our hospitals. Backups are often felt in the emergency departments.  These events are being canceled so that the City of York does its best to reduce these impacts on our residents and healthcare systems.

Additionally, the changes below shall be in effect beginning midnight December 23, 2021, until further notice.

Other than the Treasurer's Office customer windows, City Hall business will be conducted by previously scheduled appointment only. Masks are required.

  • Residents and business owners that have urgent and essential business with the city shall continue to communicate with their points of contact. Residents with general concerns may email or call 717-849-2221. Your inquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate person. Phone call response will be delayed during this period and email is preferred. When visiting City Hall for an appointment, masks are required by all visitors and employees. Masks will be provided to guests who are unable to bring their own.

Critical Services Remain Operational

  • Critical city services including police, fire, and wastewater treatment plant will continue to operate 24/7, though extra precautions may be taken to promote proper health protocols and to protect all City of York employees during this period.
  • The City of York Bureau of Health and Health Clinic remain fully operational and assistance available by appointment. Please call 717-849-2299 for assistance.
  • Residents with emergency needs shall, as usual, call 911 for assistance.

Parking enforcement continues, snow plowing will occur as needed

  • Snow plowing and snow emergency enforcement will occur as needed.
  • During this period, parking enforcement will continue including enforcement of parking meters. Please note that the City of York parking meters are electronic, and payments can be made directly through ParkMobile.

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