City of York Launches “complete Communities Initiative” with Northeast Neighborhood as Pilot

The Department of Economic and Community Development launches neighborhood revitalization initiative aimed at connecting neighborhoods with local government

The City of York’s Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) has launched the “Complete Communities Initiative” (CCI) designed to spur neighborhood revitalization, through strategic partnerships by leveraging government services, community resources and opportunities for residents and businesses.

Employed by the City of York, CCI is designed to unite local government with residents, neighborhood organizations and partners, with the goals of 1) transforming neighborhood infrastructure 2) promoting healthy living and 3) generating neighborhood wealth.

The success of CCI will be largely based on strong partnerships, both internally and externally. The City will focus on strengthening connectivity and cohesion among our city departments, elected offices, boards, authorities, and commissions, as well as partner externally with residents, businesses and community organizations already working to improve their neighborhoods and fulfill their mission within York City communities.

DECD will partner with stakeholders to address various CCI components by connecting partners with neighborhoods to provide key services in the areas of streets and sidewalks, advocacy and legislation, financial literacy, healthy living, business development, arts and culture, education and more.

Each year, CCI Partners will focus collectively on four distinct neighborhoods within the City of York, including the downtown district, to promote neighborhood revitalization, enhance the quality of life for city residents, and create opportunities for neighborhood businesses and future entrepreneurs.

Collaborative work within the Northeast Neighborhood will begin in July with community engagement sessions, neighborhood tours, clean sweeps, and build-the-block events, through an intentional partnership with the Northeast Neighborhood Association.

“The Complete Communities Initiative (CCI) is a holistic approach to community and economic development designed to transform our city neighborhoods through community outreach and engagement, strategic planning, and neighborhood revitalization,” shared Nona B. Watson, Director of Economic and Community Development for the City of York.

To keep the public up to date, the Department of Economic and Community Development will showcase and highlight the residents, associations, organizations, and businesses that make up York City neighborhoods through “CCI TV,” broadcast on the City of York’s YouTube, Facebook, and White Rose Community Television.

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