Flood Warning & Traffic Advisory Due to Hurricane Ida

The City of York is urging residents to prepare for rain coming to the City of York from Hurricane Ida, expected to arrive the evening of Wednesday, September 1st into the morning of Thursday, September 2nd

If Possible, Please Avoid the Following Intersections and Areas that Are Prone to Flooding During the Upcoming Storm:

  • S. Sherman Street at E. King Street
  • S. George Street at E. Princess Street
  • Roosevelt Avenue between Rt. 30 and Marbrook Dr.
  • N. Broad Street at E. Philadelphia Street
  • Gross Park
  • Maryland Avenue at Roosevelt Avenue
  • Pennsylvania Avenue at Roosevelt Avenue
  • N. Hartley Street at Lincoln Street
  • S. Duke Street at Merion Rd.
  • S. Newberry Street at W. King Street

If residents have any concerns about storm drains and inlets, please call the City of York Highway Department at 717-849-2320 to inform us as soon as possible. If there is trash or debris on a storm drain, please help The City of York by removing it so water can flow freely into the storm drain without disruption. Do not place trash outside that is not in a proper receptacle during the storm. Residents who have basements who flood during rainstorms should prepare properly at this time.

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