Improvements to Continental Square Are Coming

Major improvements to Continental Square are scheduled to begin the week of January 15, 2024. The improvements will make the Square more visibly attractive year-round as well as more pedestrian-friendly. No City tax dollars will be used to pay for the project thanks to the generous support of the Rotary Club of York and a new endowment at the York County Community Foundation.

Located at the intersection of Market Street and George Street, Continental Square has been at the center of our community for well over two centuries. The scheduled improvements will help preserve the Square for generations to come. When the improvements are completed, the final outcome will be one of new trees and new lighting and much more.

The first step in the improvements is removal of the current trees from the planters in the Square. The over-60-year-old trees are in poor health. Trees in planters generally have a healthy life of only 25 years, according the York City Bureau of Parks & Recreation.

Also being removed is the planter on the southeast corner of the Square. This will create more open space for public events.

The Department of Public Works will in the months of February and March be removing the stumps, roots, and soil matter from the five remaining planters. In late March, Trump Lawn & Landscape will create new landscape lighting, fill in the planters with new soil matter, and plant the new landscaping, including flowering ornamental trees, low-growing shrubs, perennials, and three annual plantings.

Other improvements include better support for the traffic signals, the hanging of banners, and the display of the annual Christmas star. There is also a long-term plan to open up even more space on all corners of the Square. This includes removing light poles. Plenty of light will still maintain the Square as a safe atmosphere.

The Rotary Club of York will be paying for the new landscaping and lighting for the five planters. An endowment has been created at the York County Community Foundation to sustain the upkeep of future landscaping in the planters on the Square, including watering, mulching, and the three plantings of annuals that will provide seasonal color in the Square. If you want to contribute to the endowment, please call 717-848-3733 or visit link below.

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